Colorado Springs Airbnb Brings Comfort and Adventure Opportunities

Entire home vacation rentals gives travelers comfort, priceless amenities, and privacy
“For a growing number of travelers, booking accommodations through peer-to-peer temporary housing services such as has saved them a significant amount of money as well as receiving a service that truly helps them feel at home on the road,” remarks Tony Semadeni, a Airbnb superhost in Colorado Springs.

JANUARY 22, 2018 – COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO – For Americans who love travel, peer-to-peer temporary housing has opened a new door to comfort and adventure. “For a growing number of travelers, booking accomodations through services such as has saved them a significant amount of money as well as receiving a service that truly helps them feel at home on the road,” remarks Tony Semadeni, a Airbnb superhost in Colorado Springs. “For travelers, whether it be the business professional, the couple on a romantic getaway, or the family on a vacation trip, booking an entire home rental for a one-night stay in many instances comes at a fraction of the cost of what one would pay in a self-catering suite or a double occupancy room in a hotel, and the savings just compound when the stay becomes multiple days.”

More Space for Less Money

Most of the time, when booking an entire place, you are buying yourself more room. “There are different options when choosing an Airbnb, but when my wife and I travel, we always pick having the entire place to ourselves. You can choose to just have a private room in someone’s home, but we like our privacy.” says Steve Leedom, a frequent Airbnb user. “We recognize booking accommodation through Airbnb takes more work than booking a hotel, but the friendships we have built with hosts and how those relationships have enriched our travel experiences make the extra work well worth doing in our opinion. The value for money for the extra space and convenience of a full kitchen is better than any hotel we have stayed in as well.”

Priceless Amenities

Speaking from booking an entire place on Airbnb, the amenities that are included can be priceless. “Having a full kitchen at your disposal is awesome! It’s a great way to save money if you’d like to have meal or two in, specially breakfast or dinner.You can go to the market and stock up on waters, wine, and snacks. Also, most places have a washer and dryer. This may come in handy if you have younger kids, or if you don’t want to bring home a stockpile of dirty laundry,” says Jeris Baker, who’s been using Airbnb for the past three years instead of hotels.

One-on-One Interaction with The Owner

When staying in an Airbnb, you have one-on-one communication with the owner from the time you book, until the time you leave.  The owners are typically very helpful with recommendations, directions, and any information they feel may benefit you on your trip. “One of the best things about this relationship is that your host truly want you to be happy,” says Tony Semadeni. “You’re not just another customer or number. You’re a person or family who will be spending time in their home.”

Customer Reviews

Helping keep the owners honest is Airbnb’s customer review system. “Before we stay anywhere, I’m reading every review. Therefore, I feel secure with my booking decision. One of my top reasons for staying in an Airbnb over a hotel is that I feel I’m supporting a small local business. After leaving some Airbnb’s, we feel like we’re leaving friends and vow to return,” says Cathy Warner, who’s been using Airbnb for the past five years.

Airbnb Has Changed The Way We Plan Trips

Booking an Airbnb has become one of the fun parts of planning a trip. Will it have a view? Is it modern, or is it traditional? Do we have a house, condo, or cabin? The options are endless with choosing an Airbnb. It’s an adventure of its own!

The fact is peer-to-peer home rentals are not going away, and this gives travelers more options. “There is going to be more people doing home-sharing tomorrow than there are today; there is going to be more the day after that,” said Chris Lehane, Airbnb’s head of global policy and public affairs. “Hosts and Guests love Airbnb, they offer an opportunity for hosts to make money, and for travellers to save money and stay more comfortably.”


Airbnb Superhosts Tony Semadeni and Joni Mailander provide multiple entire home rentals in the Colorado Springs area. They are both very involved in the local community, with Tony coaching high school basketball and Joni volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. Tony owns a Marketing & Advertising Agency in Colorado Springs, and Joni owns a Real Estate company, Dream Homes by Joni.

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