Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory Goes Beyond Hot Dogs

Delivering quality meat since 1927

Fast food, whether on the go or at home, can be a mixed bag. Depending on the hour of the day something could be stale, the food could taste like it was not made to order. Sitting in line at the drive-through is not the same as a drive-in experience. On the other side of that is having a favorite fast food and not being able to replicate that at home. There are days when a craving occurs at just the wrong time and you cannot get to your favorite place.

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory ( exists for just that reason. The good stuff is brought to you frozen and you can thaw it out and cook it at your convenience. There is a lot of commotion in the food industry because of claims about things going into food that simply do not belong there. Soloway’s believes in transparency and the ingredients for their most popular products are clearly listed on their website along with nutritional info. While there is no “secret sauce” you can purchase all the fixings from the website which includes recipes using their products.

Buying food in bulk is a way that families save money. Hot dogs and burgers are a staple in households, especially those with children. Chicken is inexpensive but the cuts that you get at the supermarket may not work for what you want, and then you have to hope that you get good cuts. That is not a problem with Soloway’s bulk delivery. You get specialty hot dogs and sausages, chicken breasts cut evenly and flash frozen at the peak of freshness, and even steak delivered to your door on time without breaking the bank.

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory has been around since 1927 and there have been a lot of changes in the way people eat since then. For those who want a healthier option or simply an alternative to meat, there is now a vegetable hot dog brought to you by the people known for making a good weiner. There is now chicken sausage for those who cannot eat red meat and, also, the holy grail of healthy fast food alternatives: the veggie burger. Also, offered are the nitrite and gluten-free wieners and burgers for those with an allergy or sensitivities. The people have asked and Soloway’s has answered with a “yes”.

About Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory

When Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory ( opened its doors in 1927 it started as a humble deli/restaurant. As the city around Soloway’s changed, the need for something different showed. In 1996 focus shifted to other areas of the foodservice industry. Soloway’s grew by doing catering, independent food trucks and eventually wholesale throughout Ontario. Now you can have the same delicious products delivered to you and your family. The old recipes Soloway’s was built on are cherished but now your family can pass down its own recipes using our delicious cuts of meat. Contact us today and place an order.

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