Can I Live Block Party Chicago Will Encourage Chicagoans to Embrace Cultural Diversity

As a major urban center, Chicago’s South Side has long been a major hub for gun-related crimes which has killed hundreds of people and devastated families and communities. Jennifer and her company JODB Productions are working towards changing this and looking to bring more of the arts and cultural diversity into the city’s worst neighborhoods. The company has partnered with Fractured Atlas, a non-for-profit arts service organization to help raise funds for the project “Can I Live Block Party Chicago.” JODB Productions will extol the virtues of peaceful coexistence through live music, entertainment and inspirational speeched.

Can I Live Block Party Chicago will take place in the spring of 2015 on the block of 58th and Prairie and will feature major hip-hop, talents as well as other major music talents. This music and cultural event is intended as an outreach to the Woodlawn Community, Hyde Park, and Washington Park neighborhoods which have witnessed so much violence on their streets. This event will be used as a way to engage the South Side to build relationships that help maintain safe neighborhoods while experiencing live performances in a hip, encouraging and positive way. In addition to popular and exciting musical groups, Can I Live Block Party Chicagowill also feature artists that have a vision of a peaceful city through community building and intensive social change.

Can I Live Block Party Chicago is a major cultural event and cannot take place without your support.  JODB Productions estimates that the staging, sound equipment, crew salaries, marketing and artist honorariums will cost $10,000.  To raise the funds needed, JODB Productions has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.  In return for your generous support of this important, historic project, you may receive valuable perks like posting videos on the Can I Live Block Party Chicago Facebook page, invitations to attend the sound check, VIP passes, or an opportunity to place your company logo on promotions. To learn more about Can I Live Block Party Chicago or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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