Back to College For Students Means Back Into a Routine, But How Willing Are You To Embrace Discipline and Boundaries

The Furnace includes practical teaching through DVD training sessions, a Student Training Workbook and Student Handbooks.

New York – Imagine yourself having a leadership team that is equipped to Lead, Develop and Care for those in your organization. Imagine yourself developing a culture of Servant Leadership that draws people from across the nation or across the hall. Welcome to The Furnace.“With every great call comes a furnace of preparation,” says Clay.

Well-known as the Millionaire Teacher, Clay steps on the scene once-again to make his New Leadership Training System, The Furnace available to Churches, Colleges and Student Leaders through longtime publishing house, Bush Publishing, INC. Personal and Spiritual Development plays a significant role in the life of a student believer. With a backdrop of faith based teachings from Romans 11, 12 & 13, Clay invites leaders into a new way of thinking and interpreting the events that take place in their lives.

The Furnace Leadership Training System provides readers a foundation of personal development that challenges students and leaders to incorporate into their busy college schedule a routine for spiritual and personal growth.  New college living can spin quickly out of control if faith centered discipline and boundaries are not set.

“Clay Staires strength of character is augmented by humor, warmth, and the unyielding belief that everyone has within them the capacity to lead and better themselves. He does not fall into the trap of compassion without action, but is actively creating a road map for success for any student individual, at any level through the teaching and training of The Furnace.”
 ~ Elliott Yinger, Land man/Entrepreneur

The Furnace includes practical teaching through DVD training sessions, a Student Training Workbook and Student Handbooks. An experienced or inexperienced student leader (facilitator) can learn to lead with confidence and assurance. In his 30 minute DVD lesson, Clay challenges and stretches students to learn, grow and embrace the path of spiritual and personal development in their life.

Learning to live within boundaries verses changing the boundaries to fit your lifestyle is the mark of a great leader. You can become the leader you were made to be whether it’s making disciples one person at a time over coffee, a group of twenty in an informal student gathering or a weekly Bible study.

Let the journey begin with laying a foundation of personal development and character through The Furnace.

Official release date October 15, 2014.

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