How Blockchain PR Buzz Can Help ICO to Reach the Maximum

In the current online scenario, one comes across a range of articles on Bitcoin, Crypto-currency, Ethereum and other domains of the Blockchain Industry. So what exactly are these articles trying to convey? What does Blockchain exactly mean and what is its significance?

What is Blockchain? What is it’s significance?

To make things simple, Blockchain is a computer-based technology that enables financial transactions to be transparent, democratic and inexpensive. Presently, there are millions of people who are signing financial contracts on digital registers or ledgers using the blockchain technology. This virtual platform is not controlled by a set of people; rather the whole process is participatory in nature. Any individual who is interested in crypto-currency transactions can enter this new and exciting financial world and start dealing in Bitcoins and other virtual currencies. There are no intermediaries in these transactions, thereby eliminating any middleman costs, deeming the trade seamless and inexpensive. And if you are thinking about the verifiability of these transactions, then be rest assured, each of these transactions is scrutinized by the very many participants who are using this technology. Many companies are now using this platform to launch their digital currencies, also referred to as tokens, through ICO’s.

How does PR and Digital Marketing impact your ICO?

Like in the case of the traditional IPO’s, Initial Currency Offering’s too need the publicity buzz to reach out to their audience. So how does PR help in companies getting their ICO’s subscribed? Let us see.

According to Ditto, entrepreneurs need to gain a lot of credibility before the launch of their ICO. It is imperative that their value offerings are published in mainline newspapers and magazines. Whether you like it or not, the press still carries a lot of credibilities today despite falling circulation and ad revenues. People still think highly of this mode of publicity, where every printed word is trusted and accepted. Therefore, whether you are in the United States or the UK, try to get your pre-ICO stories published in the Washington Post, Guardian, etc.

Getting the mainline press to publish your story is not going to be an easy task. Mainline print media is still largely unconvinced about Blockchain and crypto-currencies. Therefore, in order to attract their attention, you need to flesh out a great story about your offering in particular.

Complement your ICO press coverage by aggressively investing in digital marketing. Many news editors keep a close eye on what is happening in the digital world; catch their attention by advertising your products in the right context. It is also a smart strategy to start a blog on your products. Blogging is inexpensive and sounds intellectual to newspaper editors and journalists.

Blockchain PR Buzz is the Answer

Blockchain PR Buzz, Blockchain PR specific service company operating from three most advanced technology hub of the world, is here to solve all your PR related challenges during and after the launch of your ICO. The company leverages its strength and understanding of the digital world, as well as the mainline publications to get your ICO noticed and published. Trust this PR firm to publish your stories on Forbes, Entrepreneur Inc. and other leading publications as well as crypto publications of the world.

As the name suggests, this company specializes in publicity related to the new age Blockchain technology. It helps business owners get objective coverage in print and digital media, aids their clients in Reputation Management, Vlogging, Community Management, and Messaging. One of its most interesting value add-on services is that of listing. If you want your ICO to be listed in some of the bested exchanges in the world, then Blockchain PR Buzz is your means of doing it.

Social Media being the most preferred platform for propagating your ideas, Blockchain PR Buzz uses it effectively to ensure that your digital presence is optimized. They treat every bit of your social media content with desired seriousness.

Paid digital campaigns are another forte of this PR Company. These campaigns are essential for generating desired outcomes.

Lastly, the company also takes ICO chatter to communities like and Reddit.

As a whole, this Blockchain PR Buzz is your one-stop solution to getting your ICO listed and published to the right audience, using the right medium. Adopting professional services of emerging platforms like Blockchain PR Buzz is essential to the success of your ICO. 

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