The World’s First Bitcoin Savings Platform Launches in New Zealand

Auckland, North Island – Bitcoin is revolutionizing how money is spent, accepted and stored. It is an ever-growing community based on the potential uses, which has begun to open many doors anywhere investing is concerned. Being more commonly accepted as a form of payment, it was only a matter of time before companies started to accept it as the newest investment material. Change is never easy, however, so the concerns of stability in converting standard currencies and even how to get started in bitcoin investing are popular topics. Cryptosaver is hailed as a smooth path to bitcoin saving and buying. Their motto is “Set it, forget it, and watch it grow.”

Debuting in 2017 in New Zealand, Cryptosaver was founded by Denym Bird and Jack Daffron. It strives to be the top investment and savings platform for cryptocurrency around the world. Boasting of a total market capitalization of over two hundred billion, Bitcoin is the most widely used digital currency. Beginning with how to buy bitcoin in New Zealand, Cryptosaver walks the user through the process of converting the New Zealanddollar into this digital investment, allowing users to safely monitor their investment, and increase their contribution on a weekly or monthly basis. Users have full control over the amount they want to spend, choosing from a minimum of twenty dollars each up, up to a maximum of two hundred every week. A nifty investment dashboard provides real-time monitoring of gains and losses as well. Just like a traditional bank statement, every transaction is recorded, no matter its size. Also, updates are provided at each stage of the buying process via SMS text and email.

Cryptosaver walks even the newest investors through converting their initial currency, setting up a bitcoin wallet via, and purchasing bitcoin. Buying bitcoin in New Zealand, or anywhere, really, can be a messy and complicated process. Simplify it with Cryptosaver. To keep things even simpler, only a three percent fee is charged for each purchase amount. This relatively low cost is provided by their dedication to keeping fees to a minimum, but it is as inevitable as network fees are unavoidable because of the nature of bitcoin.Cryptosaver’s low fees of only 3% of the entire purchase price, means that users can buy small amounts of Bitcoin with the large transaction costs associated with them.

Getting a foothold in this newest investment market has never been easier than through Cryptosaver. Learn about bitcoin, create a wallet for investments to be deposited into, and finally, begin investing by purchasing bitcoin. Saving Bitcoin just became streamlined.

Media Contact
Company Name: Cryptosaver Limited
Contact Person: Denym Bird
City: Auckland
State: North Island
Country: New Zealand