Coinlancer Has Announced They Are planning to AirDrop 3M CL tokens

Blockchain Coinlancer Freelancing Platform has announced they are planning to AirDrop 3M CL tokens. This is one of the biggest digital news stories since the Bitcoin currency was introduced in 2009.

The Crypto currency market has become huge news in recent years with more than 300,000 transactions per day. Now, there is even more exciting news that will excite Crypto investors and freelancers. Ethereum blockchain-based professional freelancing platform has today announced they will airdrop 3M CL tokens.


Coinlancer, which has become one of the exciting and modern thinking freelancing platforms has gained international exposure with some digital currency investors calling it the most exciting news since the Bitcoin was launched in 2009.

The three million tokens will be distributed to members, providing them with a worthwhile investment which they can use to hire professional freelancing services. This news has already shocked many Crypto currency platforms and has put other freelancing sites on red alert.

There has been a total of three million tokens that have been allocated to the Airdrop campaign. Those who purchase CL token from Jan 24th, 2018 until Feb 21st, and hold them until April 30th, will be able to claim an Airdrop 1 bonus.

Coinlancer is taking the freelancing market in a new and more exciting direction, bringing it up to date in the modern world. The Coinlancer freelancing site is like no other platform online. The company has looked at other freelancing sites and noticed their mistakes and how freelancers themselves have felt let down. The freelancing company aims to be the number one platform online where buyers and sellers can work together.

Freelancers will be able to register and promote their services on the Coinlancer platform and know they will be working with professionals who require quality work. That is not the only reason why freelancers are turning to Coinlancer. Freelancers who have become unhappy with outdated platform know Coinlancer provides them with a chance to earn a real income for the services they provide.

Coinlancer aims to make their platform one where people can come together and reap the rewards. To learn more about Coinlancer, please visit

About Coinlancer

Coinlancer is a decentralized job market built on Ethereum platform, which empowers burgeoning freelancers and clients from across the globe. The traditional ways of freelancing don’t seem to work anymore. Same principles, unexplained account suspensions, unaddressed or prolonged disputes often leave you exhausted.

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