GoldBitsCoin Secures Elite Commitments from Investors

Potential Quick Price Rise Anticipated for Gold-Backed Cryptocurrencies

Australia based GoldBitsCoin has recently announced the anticipation of a possible hasty price rise and hefty profit on gold-backed cryptocurrencies.  The outlook of the coin is a promising one with its stable track record.  Commitments from the Arab market make it even more likely to succeed.

“We are excited to inform the public about the fact that gold-backed currencies are expected to take off in the near future,” stated a representative of GoldBitsCoin.  “We have tested the demand on the Arab market and have secured commitments from elite investors.  Everything has been put in place to set back-gold cryptocurrencies up to succeed.”

GoldBitsCoin is a subsidiary of MyWealth Manager Financial Services PVT Ltd and is home-based in Australia.  The company has a strong belief that gold-backed coins are due to rise quickly and to possess a stable demand.  The findings come as the testing in the elite Arab market have proven to be successful.

The demand in the Arab market have led to over 10 million USD in PRE ICO before the start of online marketing.  With the commitments in place, the company is confident they can comfortably lock in 24 million USD sales stemming from the elite space.  From that point, GoldBitsCoin’s strategy is to open the market up to the online public, having attracted the big investors initially to lock in the value of gold-backed digital coins.

The gold-backed cryptocurrency market is designed to meet public demand and protect the interests of investors.  Digital coins are hailed as the currency of the future by many experts in the field including economists, fund managers, investment advisors, compliance managers, in-house legal experts, in-house R&D together with blockchain and technical experts. 

The fact that the company has a background rich in fund management, currency markets in Australia and in stock markets, clearly indicates they are knowledgeable and experienced in securities, economics and currency markets.  Responsible investing takes top-priority with GoldBitsCoin and are compliant with legislation concerning financial trading.

The goal of GoldBitsCoin is to ensure cryptocurrency investments are backed by real assets.  It yields to the enjoyment of the benefits of both worlds; trending crypto and gold. It’s a win-win for investors.  Each coin that is purchased has an embedded real value which gives peace of mind to investors, having both gold value and demand value.

In addition, gold-backed coins is supported by significant investors from the Middle-East including Arab Angel Investors and Arab Eleet Investors, a true indication that GoldBitsCoin takes the investment and protection of the coin very seriously.  Wallets are secured by the best, most trusted infrastructure available.

To find out more about investing in gold-backed cryptocurrencies or to make a purchase, visit the GoldBitsCoin website at

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