EyeSkinZ Protects Motorcyclists by Improving Helmet Visor Clarity and Rider Visibility

In the United Kingdom, almost 300 motorcyclists are killed and more 22,000 motorists are seriously injured each year.  In an effort to eliminate one of the biggest factors in many of these tragic accidents—poor motorcyclist vision due to damaged visors—engineer and motorcycling enthusiast Giles Hugo has created EyeSkinZ.  EyeskinZ is an amazing product that attaches directly to the visor on a motorcycle helmet.  This strap holds a sun shade firmly along the top of the visor from which a protective cover can quickly and easily be pulled down to cover the visor for proper storage. Additionally, EyeSkinZ can also be used to apply a waterproof coating which sheds water instantly from any helmet visor, making driving in the rain less treacherous.  Finally, this microfibre cover can be used while riding as a face protector for open face visor helmets, facilitating breathability and shielding the face from road-flung debris or cold rain.

EyeSkinz also improves motorcycle safety by adding a reflective strip that signals to traffic that a motorcycle is in operation. This broad strap and protective cover can also be customized to meet personal tastes or to include a commercial logo.  This small, robust and easily stored product can be securely attached in a matter of minutes and is quickly transferred between helmets.  The versatile elastic fabric is also water resistant and machine washable.

EyeSkinz is a major innovation that is likely to make cycling a considerably safer mode of transportation.  Among the motorcyclist community that has tried EyeSkinZ for themselves, there has been almost unanimous support and approval.  Once EyeSkinZ has been launched, this must-have item will soon become a staple of biking. 

The impact that EyeSkinz will have on the biking community is virtually undeniable, but this revolutionary new product must still be manufactured.  The materials used to make EyeSkinZ are high performance fabrics and chemicals which are quite expensive.  Giles Hugo estimates that £15,000 will be needed to produce an initial batch.  To raise these funds, Giles has sponsored a campaign on Indiegogo. If you are a motorcyclist or know someone who is, you should strongly consider supporting this important campaign—it could save your life. In return for your generous financial support, you may receive a reward like supporters mugs, a standard EyeSkinZ, a limited edition, or a customized versions.  To learn more about EyeSkinZ or to make a financial contribution, please visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/eyeskinz-road-safety

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Company Name: EyeSkinZ road safety
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Country: United States
Website: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/eyeskinz-road-safety