Christian Teens and Young Adults Will Soon Find a Valuable, Spiritual Resource in the Organic Ministry Project

While many children of Christian parents find a home in their local church, there are a number of serious obstacles that impede their transition to an adulthood that is rooted in the faith. The lure of secular diversions, social exploration in college, lack of a qualified young adult ministry or the demands of life can stymy growth into a mature Christian.  A new online Christian program known as the Organic Ministry Project seeks to provide spiritual guidance for these young people who are so susceptible to worldly influences.

Led by longtime youth pastor Ben Moushon, the Organic Ministry Project offers real time streaming and discussion of important issues.  The Organic Ministry Project is intended to answer some of the most troubling questions about young Christian life including sexual activity, doubt/unbelief, building Christ-like friendships and relationships, and how to serve God in the workplace.  Pastor Moushon has encountered many young Christians who had pressing questions but their local church was ill equipped to discuss them in an informative and judgment free manner.

Pastor Moushon and his team of dedicated Christian leaders would like to set up the Organic Ministry Project as a forum for young Christians to discuss hard hitting questions with peers and receive reliable advice.  In order to launch the Organic Ministry Project, the team is asking for financial support through its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.  Every penny of the $20,000 raised will go towards purchasing video cameras, audio equipment, computers, editing and broadcasting equipment. All the people involved in this program are volunteers.  In return for your support, you may receive perks like the book “Epic” by John Eldredge, “The Ragamuffin Gospel” by Brennan Manning, an Organic Ministry Project mug, or a hand painted Organic Ministry Project logo. You may also be encouraged to know that your financial support is helping produce profound changes in the lives of young Christians around the world.  To learn more about the Organic Ministry Project or to make a financial contribution, please visit

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