Voiiceit App Simplifies Politics and Empowers Voters

Despite the enormous importance and responsibility of voting in this great democracy, only a relatively small percentage of people actually participate in elections.  And even of those voters who do go to the polls, only a handful are fully aware of the candidates’ positions and referendums.  In order to better educate voters and encourage participation in the democratic process, a new application Voiiceit provides you with the latest information about candidates including their votes on those issues most important to you. 

The upcoming November elections which include major issues like immigration, health care and gay marriage could have a major influence on the direction of this country. Voiiceit will not only help voters better understand these issues, but will also help them choose the candidate that is most aligned with their interests.

This easy to use app asks you to respond to some simple questions so that it can properly gauge your political views.  Then it analyzes the politicians that are coming up for a vote in your region.  Voiiceit evaluates their votes on political initiatives as well as which political groups are funding their campaigns, so that you can have a clear understanding of who they are. The app then presents this information in short and insightful snippets rich with data and visuals.

Currently, Voiiceit is available on the Google Play Store, but the creators would like to launch the iOS and Windows Phone versions of this historic app before the November elections.  If you want to help make the democratic process more successful, please consider contributing to the Kickstarter campaign for Voiiceit.  The $20,000 from this campaign will help the development of iOS and Windows phone versions, as well as include other language versions.  These funds will also help refine the algorithm that undergirds the app and promote this important app to voters around the nation.

In return for your financial support, you may receive valuable perks like mugs, T-shirts, personalized video thank yous, or dinner with the development team. To learn more about Voiiceit or to make a difference in the democratic process by donating to this important project, please visit https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1891684404/voiiceit

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Media Contact
Company Name: Voiiceit
Contact Person: Manuel Amaya
Email: voiiceit@gmail.com
Country: United States
Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1891684404/voiiceit