Global CVD Diamond Market is Expected To Grow At 9.7% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), by Revenue, and 10.3% CAGR, by Volume, from 2017 – 2025; Factor & Equilibrium

Rising Demand for CVD Diamond in Jewelry Industry is Fuelling the Growth of the Market: Factor & Equilibrium

As per a new market research report published by Factor & Equilibrium (, “Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Diamond Market – Global Industry Insights Market Size, Estimation and Growth Forecast By Type (Polished and Rough), By Product (Stone, Bort, Powder and Others), By Application (Gem, Laser & X-Ray, Machine & Cutting Tools, Optoelectronics, Semiconductor Substrate, Semiconductor Devices, Medical and Others), & By Regions, 2017- 2025” is expected to reach USD 1,601.8 Million by 2025 in terms of revenue. In 2016, the market was valued USD 699.5 Million in terms of revenue. In terms of volume, CVD diamond market size was 1,490.9 Thousand Carat in 2016 and expected to reach 3,581.6 Thousand Carat by 2025.


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Market Overview

The CVD diamond market is expected to grow at a high rate during 2017 to 2025. CVD diamond refers to manmade or synthetic diamonds, grown by the CVD process. Several forms of CVD technology are utilized by different organizations to produce CVD diamonds. These diamonds are indistinguishable from natural diamonds through naked eye. High level inspections can only distinguish CVD diamonds from naturally mined diamonds.


Rising demand for CVD diamond as gem in the jewelry industry has been boosting the growth of the market



Segmentation Overview

Based on type, the global CVD diamond market has been segmented into polished and rough types. Polished CVD diamond segment contributed for the largest share in the market, by both revenue and volume, owing to increasing applications as gemstone in jewelry industry. A polished high quality CVD diamond costs 30% to 40% less than the mined diamond. In addition, polished CVD diamond offers similar kind of refractivity, shine and gloss as offered by mined diamond. Owing to such properties, global demand for polished CVD diamond is expected to exceed 2,400 Thousand Carat by 2025.


In terms of both revenue and volume, polished CVD diamond was the largest type in CVD diamond market in 2016


Based on product, the CVD diamond market has been segmented into stone, bort, powder and others.  In terms of both revenue and volume, stone CVD diamond was the market leader in 2016. Stone CVD diamonds are preferred by both gemological and industrial customers owing to their hardness, compatibility with cutting process and larger surface area. CVD diamonds are grown in lab and they are completely free of conflict. Such factors aided the segment to be the largest segment of the CVD diamond market in 2016.


In terms of both revenue and volume, stone CVD diamond was the largest segment for CVD diamond market in 2016


By application, the market has been divided gem, laser & x-ray, machine & cutting tools, optoelectronics, semiconductor substrate, semiconductor devices, medical and others. CVD diamonds are of a jewelry-quality size, clarity and color, which make them suitable to be used as gemstone after additive treatment. In addition gemstone CVD diamond costs significantly low than natural gemstone diamond. As of 2016, in terms of revenue, gem segment held more than 55% share of the market.


In terms of both revenue and volume, gem segment was the largest application segment for CVD diamond market in 2016


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Regional Overview

By region, the global CVD diamond market has been segmented into five regions; North America, Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), Middle-East & Africa (MEA), and South America. In 2016, Asia Pacific occupied the largest revenue and volume share, accounting for more than 30% of the CVD diamond market size. The large market share can be attributed to wide spread demand for CVD diamond in countries such as Singapore and China (including Hong Kong). In addition, demand for CVD industrial diamond is significantly high in Japan.


Asia Pacific occupied the largest revenue and volume share of the CVD diamond market


Leading Player Mapping

Some major players in the CVD diamond industry are: Element Six (The U.K.), Hebei Plasma Diamond Technology Co., Ltd. (China), IIa Technologies Pte Ltd. (Singapore), BetterThanDiamond, Inc. (The U.S.), Applied Diamond, Inc. (The U.S.), Morgan Advanced Materials, plc (The U.K.), Henan Huanghe Whirlwind Co., Ltd. (China), Scio Diamond Technology Corporation (The U.S.), Diamond Materials GmbH (Germany) and Heyaru Group (United Arab Emirates) among others.

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The market has been segmented as follows:

CVD diamond Market, by Type

  • Rough
  • Polished

CVD diamond Market, by Product

  • Stone
  • Bort
  • Powder
  • Others

CVD diamond Market, by Application

  • Gem
  • Laser & X-Ray
  • Machine & Cutting Tools
  • Optoelectronics
  • Semiconductor Substrate
  • Semiconductor Devices
  • Medical
  • Others

CVD diamond Market, by Region:

  • North America (The U.S., Canada and Mexico)
  • Europe (Germany, The U.K, Russia, Ireland and Rest of the Europe)
  • Asia Pacific (China, India, Singapore, Japan and Rest of the Asia Pacific)
  • Middle-East & Africa (MEA) (South Africa, Saudi Arabia and Rest of the MEA)


  • South America (Brazil and Rest of the South America)


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