John Brackett Moves Into the Houston Market

February 13th, 2018 – Carlsbad, California – John Brackett, real estate investor, expands into Houston, Texas. John Brackett made the following comments; “with large multifamily inventory under scrutiny in the region, the economic significance of small asset multifamily (5 – 49 units) may have been marginalized.” 

“Houston is the 5th largest Metropolitan Statistical Area in the United States. Houston continues to diversify its employment base with fortune one thousand companies committed to long-term growth in the region. These companies have made and continue to make significant capital investments into the region.  Industrial and retail vacancy continue to rank competitively when compared to national averages.”

“I favor multifamily commercial real estate, because I value community.  In my experiences, communities are eager to work alongside someone who wants to contribute and not just take.  I believe apartment buildings offer a unique opportunity to bring people together and create community.  We are often approached to purchase apartment buildings that lack a sense of community. We are eager to add value to the community and learn how to be better community partners.”

This move to Houston may not come as a surprise. John Brackett has built a reputation for spotting niche investment opportunities in markets other firms are slow to recognize. His results combined with his collaborative leadership style has created a loyal following of investors, lenders, and community partners.    

About John Brackett  

Fidelity Business Partners

John Brackett is President of Fidelity Business Partners, a private equity firm with a focus on multifamily commercial real estate.  FBP works with individual investors and private wealth advisors that lack access to alternative real estate investments.

 John Brackett is Chief Investment Officer for John Brackett Investments, a family office based in Carlsbad, CA.  JBI’s flexible investment mandate allows it to focus on value-add real estate opportunities that may be overlooked by less nimble market participants.    

John Brackett is a member of the International Economic Honor Society.  He completed his undergraduate studies at San Diego State University with an emphasis in finance and economics. John Brackett is also an alumni of the Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington. He holds an additional degree in health and science.

Media Contact
Company Name: John Brackett Investments
Contact Person: Debbie Brackett
Phone: (760) 350-9474
Address:6965 el Camino Real, st 105-190
City: Carlsbad
State: CA 92009
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