Money Magic Media Group’s God’s Millionaire to hit cinemas soon

Entertainment giant, Money magic media Group, presents a new hit musical titled, God’s Millionaire, starring Princess Marie and Swaggy Davis

Money Magic Media Group is a leading entertainment company that has made a name for itself with top-notch movie productions. The company recently announced plans to release another movie that has been predicted to be a Hollywood blockbuster. The new musical titled God’s Millionaire features some heavyweights in the movie industry including Princess Marie and Swaggy Davis and will soon hit the screens of cinemas.

The entertainment industry is a dynamic one with different works and talents gracing the screens to entertain lovers of motion pictures and good music across the globe. Hollywood has so far contributed not only in terms of entertaining viewers but has also been seen as a major contributor to the United States economy. Money Magic Media Group is one of the entertainment companies contributing to the popularity of Hollywood.

The most recent work to be released by Money Magic is a musical, which most reviewers have predicted to be a blockbuster due to its unique storyline and the captivating interpretation of roles by the actors, some of which include Princess Marie and Swaggy Davis.

Regarded as one of the vibes that will make every music lover get out of their seats to shake their body, the movie has been referred to as “the feeling rich and getting rich edition,” with other calling it the world’s richest sing-along.

The story of God’s Millionaire centers on Princess Marie and her friend, Swaggy Davis Jr. Princess Marie is a pessimistic but talented music teacher who loses her faith in God, due to the crash in the stock, making her retirement looking seemingly doomed. Princess Marie in a bid to make ends meet was forced to put her dreams of becoming a famous musician on hold, taking the job of a cashier.

Princess Marie’s musical dream was reignited after she meets with Swaggy Davis Jr., a charismatic City Slicker. Swaggy Davis hires her as the creative director of the Music Ministry for the church Community. Both take a gamble with their faith, entering into one of the top gospel fest contest called One Million Dollar Holler, with a grand prize of a million dollars for the winner.

Swaggy Davis and Princess Marie hope to emerge winners at the contest, as they look to using the prize money to fund her dreams of making to Hollywood and become a major entertainer in the industry.

God’s Millionaire chronicles the journey of Swaggy Davis and Princess Marie, as they struggle against all odds to live their dreams.

Starring Marie Buscemi as Princess Marie and Abu H. Ali as Swaggy Davis Jr. and other talented acts, the God’s Millionaire is the movie to watch out for in the New Year. The whole of Hollywood and lovers of good entertainment will be seeing movie production from a brand new level with God’s Millionaire.

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