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February 13th, 2018 – New Jersey – Tiriq R. Callaway is on the path once more to wet the appetite of the literary world with his new book “Shine Through Our Shade.” The book is a collection of poetry and prose about self-love, resilience and survival. The official release date will be in Spring of this year; however, it is available for pre-order.

In capturing the mastery of this book, Tiriq’s muse relied on personal experiences and encounters of himself, friends, family and even strangers around the world. The heart of “Shine Through Our Shade” delves into the varying layers of people’s anxiety and seeks to alleviate heartache. Using these heartaches Callaway tells relatable stories, inspires hope, and most importantly helps other people to find light within themselves so they can shine through their life’s shade.

TiriqR. Callaway’s struggles while growing up in “Atlantic – Ville”, has shaped his writing skills as he used writing as a means of escape from his everyday life. His writings are heavily influenced by his life experience which allows him to use his writings to make a personal connection with his readers spreading love, hope and happiness.

While pre-ordering “Shine Through Our Shade”, check out his other work, a self-published book titled “A Diamond In God’s Dirt”. It takes an autobiographical approach, giving readers an insight to his life and the different stages that made him into the man he is. The message given clearly expresses to its readers, how to defy their past and make a prosperous future. The reviews for “A Diamond in God’s Dirt” are astounding which only preludes an impactful experience with “Shine Through Our Shade”.

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