DCS Telecom – Providing Excellent, Top Of The Line, Communication Products Across Industries

Regardless of what size business you are, or what industry you’re in – DCS Telecom will have the perfect system for your business.

Communication is the number one most important aspect of a company. Without that, there is no sense of unity or collaboration among the employees. However, finding a company that does quality business phone systems can be difficult as you look across Vaughan, Ontario.

DCS Telecom is a one-stop-shop for all that your company’s telecommunications IP/PBX systems and Wi-Fi needs. Regardless of your firm’s size, whether it is a large enterprise, mid-sized, or a small business, DCS Telecom can find a solution for you. DCS Telecom provides clients with quality work on sales, support, training, and installation. DCS Telecom specializes in Samsung products with them being a Samsung Partner for over eighteen years. However, other manufacturers are also operated by DCS Telecom, such as Mitel, Cisco, and Meridian Norstar.

DCS Telecom proudly helps companies across all industries, such as education, finance, government, healthcare, hospitality, legal, retail, and transportation. DCS Telecom offers various services, including structured cabling, to ensure that you stay always connected. DCS also offers IP/PBX phone systems, which use IP connectivity and the Internet to allow for employee flexibility. DCS Telecom provides VoIP/Digital phones to mid-sized and small businesses. Accessories such as headsets and handsets are also offered through DCS Telecom. Also provided are Ubigate Ethernet switches and a unified communication system.

As the Canadian Flag Day approaches, and the nation gets proud to showcase the country’s flag – it’s also time for your employees to showcase the talents they bring through excellent communication devices. DCS Telecom devices allow your employees to have a flexibility in terms of scope and locations. No longer do they have to be physically present at the office to gain access to their files or the internal business systems. So, DCS Telecom wishes all their current and prospective clients a very happy Flag Day.

DCS Telecom knows the advantages that solid communication infrastructure can have on a business. The phone systems will ensure that your managers can hold team meetings virtually, making projects faster and smoother. These systems also ensure that the front-line customer staff can provide a better phone quality experience and solve issues faster. It also allows the employees to brainstorm from across various locations, increasing collaboration.

DCS Telecom employees are passionate about what they do. They wish to allow all companies to have excellent communication systems that make communicating with the company, and externally, a breeze.

About DCS Telecom Ltd.

DCS Telecom is a telecommunications company, located in Vaughan, Ontario. DCS has been a business partner to Samsung for over eighteen years to provide clients with top quality products and services. DCS Telecom offers clients with sales, support, training and installation services for their voice and data communication tools. These include systems, such as WeVoIP, VoIP, Firewall, LAN, Networking, WAN, CTI, and WLAN.

For more information regarding all the services that are offered, visit DCS Telecom’s website.  On the website, you will also find a way to contact them directly, whether that is through the online contact form, email or by phone.

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