Painless wisdom teeth removal at the Quad Dental Clinic

No pain to fear or feel at the Quad Dental Clinic.

Fear of pain is a reason often cited for people who don’t want to get their molars removed. However, at the Quad Dental clinic options such as general anesthesia, laughing gas, and local anesthesia are discussed thoroughly with patients before a decision is made. After the procedure, there is a period of recovery time at the dental clinic to monitor pain and proper healing. A take-home recovery kit which includes a prescription for antibiotics and pain medication is provided. At Quad Dental Clinic there is no reason to fear the pain that won’t be felt.

Wisdom teeth are the last to grow out, but usually, the first to go. Sometimes these third molars don’t completely erupt and remain hidden beneath the gums. If this is the case, one may experience pain, infection of gum tissue, damage to nearby teeth or cysts among other problems. A checkup and conversation with your dentist at Quad Dental Clinic of North York can determine if the operation is necessary. Checkups are free, and you can book an appointment online using the schedule provided, or call 647 955 2252. All new patients must complete this form. If you have any questions, the Quad dental receptionist can assist you in completing the form. All information is confidential.

At the Quad Dental Clinic of North York, located at the quad student building of York University you can have your wisdom teeth removed expertly and with great care from Toronto’s finest dentists. The Quad Dental Clinic serves students, faculty, and all members of the York community.

To learn more about wisdom teeth removal and the quality care you may receive, visit the quad website.

About Quad Dental Clinic

The vision of the Quad Dental clinic is to serve the community which includes all of York. Its mission is to provide every man woman and child living in York with a healthy white smile using great service, dentists, and state of the art equipment. Although the care is exceptional, it is also affordable.

The Quad Dental clinic provides general as well as cosmetic care to make sure there is both substance and beauty in every smile it serves.

The Quad Dental Clinic is in the quad student building of York University. It provides state of the art equipment, and skilled Toronto dentists who pride themselves in using the most up to date.

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