February 14, 2018 – HelensKit, a company that is well known for their excellence in the area of providing stainless steel cups that are safe and designed to ease the transition of one’s  toddler from breast, sippies or baby bottles into regular cups proudly announces the launch of their stainless steel cups on Amazon.

Our pediatric dentist has always recommended staying away from bottles and sippy cups when our babies were ready to be weaned from breast feeding. Most of the time, mothers are always faced with the challenge of not been able to find small cups that are made for little hands and mouths, plastic free, safe and non-toxic because the market is filled with plastic cups, breakable glasses and big steel cups for adults. We then decided to create HelensKit stainless steel cup, a better way to rescue out of all this stress,” said Helen Pomohaci of Helenskit stainless steel cups.

They are made to endure extreme use and are truly heavy duty. They are great tableware for toddlers. The cups are sturdy; they don’t get dented if it accidentally dropped on tile or floor. They are small, light in weight, fit well in small hands and easy for the kids to carry.  They are great for kids and can be used for juice, smoothie, water or snacks while the versatile size can be used for adult beverages such as iced coffee, wine, beer, or anything else.

This brand ensures ones child is not exposed to moldy detritus that grows under the rim of some cups. It has an exclusive clean rim that is blunt with no thin or sharp rims, more rounded and even thicker than so many of the brands that are currently in the market.  It was designed to be sanitary, clean, maintain, resistant to bacteria, rust and oxidation, they are also built of a quality made to last forever.

The stainless steel cup comes in a pack of 5cups which are ethically handcrafted in 100% sweatshop free facilities and made exclusively with premium food-grade 304 18/8 steel.  Every batch of their product is tested to confirm the purity of the steel. The Cups can be used at home, at picnics or camping.

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