Reputable Group Declares Ronen Kurzfeld Immigration Law Office One Of Top 5 Immigration Lawyers In Canada

A highly reputable organization known for being the Canadian immigration watchdog has released a report on the top 5 immigration law firms in the country. Their criteria for selecting them were very strict, and only the best of the best made it to the list. One of the criteria they used was how many immigrants each of the firms has successfully been able to assist in getting their dream of emigrating to Canada fulfilled.

They were also particular about the differences in background and nationality of the immigrants. They believed that the best immigration law firms should have a method that applies well to all countries where people are emigrating from. They also used the speed of their process from application and engagement by the intending immigrants to securing the visa for them. The fastest law firms were the ones to make it to the list. In all, 5 law firms made it to the list of the elite, and Ronen Kurzfeld Immigration Law Office is one of them.

Ronen Kurzfeld Immigration Law Office is a law firm specializing in helping people who want to move from their home countries to pursue their life dreams in Canada. The firm has helped thousands of immigrants secure entry into the country, and they have helped countless others secure permanent residency in the country. Immigration law is the natural habitat of the firm, and they have shown, over the years that they have mastered all the extant immigration laws, and therefore, they can quickly and easily help their clients. The firm has offices in several countries of the world and works locally to help the locals fulfill their dream of moving to Canada. Their experience in several countries is one of the things that qualified them to be one of the top 5 immigration law firms.

In the released report on the top 5 immigration law firms in Canada, Ronen Kurzfeld Immigration Law Office was particularly commended for the ease with which intending immigrants can do business with them. A survey of those who have used their services was conducted, and many of the people who used their services and who have successfully emigrated from their home countries to Canada have spoken of the ease of doing business with them. One of such immigrants, Bayo Adeyemi, said, “I was largely ignorant of what it would take to move to Canada. All I had was a dream to move here someday and reached out to the firm. From the first minute to the last, I felt like I had the help of angels. They were so good at what they do that the entire process was not just full of excitement for me, but was also full of fun. There was never a moment of doubt.” The Founding Partner of the Firm, Ronen Kurzfeld, while reacting to the ranking, said, “Our firm is fully dedicated to helping bring the dream of millions of people all over the world, who would like to have a wonderful life in Canada, fulfill that dream. We have shown in the past that we are dedicated to making this happen in the easiest of ways. With our presence in several countries around the world, intending immigrants and permanent residents can safely rely on our professionalism and experience to get what they want.”

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