Online Service Now Offering Form Processing for US Change of Address

One of the first things that should be done after a move is changing your mailing address. By filing the correct forms with the United States Postal Service, you ensure that your mail will continue to be delivered in a timely fashion to the correct address. Changing a mailing address is as simple as filling out a few forms. Thanks to the US Mailing Change of Address service, these forms can now be completed and filed online.

Buffalo, WY – Moving can be a stressful time for many, and all that stress can lead to overlooking some of the of the smaller things that need to be undertaken during a move, including updating a mailing address with the US postal service. The US Mailing Change of Address service makes moving that much easier by providing individuals and families with moving checklists, discounted offers for moving products, and a complete change of address form that can be filled out and filed completely online.

Whether it is a temporary move or a permanent one, it is important to notify the postal service of the new address so that mail can be delivered to the right place. For a permanent change of address, the IRS will also need to be notified, and driver’s licenses need to be updated with the state DMV. All of this is even more important if you are moving out a state. The US Mailing Change of Address website ( doesn’t just allow users to complete a change of address, but offers them complete moving checklists and guides, discount coupons on boxes, tapes, and packing materials, and even gives users a chance to have local moving companies bid for their move, getting them the lowest professional moving quote possible.

While the online form is simple to fill out and completely compliant with the US postal service for 2018, the website also offers 24/7 support for those who have questions or concerns during the moving or form completion process. There are a number of benefits to using the online address change form (, as opposed to having to go to the local post office and complete the form by hand. This means that a mailing address can be changed quickly, which is particularly good for individuals who move often.

US Mailing Change of Address is designed to make the address change process during a move simple and affordable for families and individuals. The company is centrally located at 412 N. Main Street, STE 100 in Buffalo, Wyoming (82834).

The company can be reached by phone at 651-964-0212.

To fill out the change of address form, or to get access to the complete moving checklist, visit

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