Sober Living Home in Toronto Addiction Treatment Center – Extending Joyous Wishes for a Happy Flag Day!

New Beginnings is helping men create a new, sober lifestyle at this private, sober living housing facility for men who are recovering from alcohol and /or drug dependency.  At New Beginnings there is a client-centered approach to therapy; with one-on-one counseling sessions, group therapy, the “12-step approach”, as well as relapse prevention and life skills classes.

New Beginnings has the mission to help clients with their conversion back to everyday life, have the ability to recognize and recover from the effects of their dependency, and to eventually return to living a satisfying and worthwhile lifestyle.  Having the chance to reunite families after a person has been diagnosed with a drug and alcohol dependency is nothing short of miraculous.  Watching a person go from being a broken soul that felt hopeless, to being able to go back to school, work, and resume life as a healthy, confident member of society is a wonderful feeling that the staff here at New Beginnings gets to experience on a daily basis. 

New Beginnings, (, provides clients with a relaxed, private, and tranquil atmosphere in which they have the ability to receive a tailored, consistent treatment which is the groundwork needed to form a long-term success from drug and alcohol dependency.

New Beginnings staff would at this time like to take a moment to wish the people of Toronto and Canada a very Happy Flag Day, which is coming up on February 15, 2018.

The staff here at New Beginnings is very empathetic and caring; having several years of experience in the treatment and care for men with drug and alcohol dependencies making them the best treatment facility Canada has to offer.  The staff understands it is hard to leave behind old habits, and an addiction is just that, a bad habit.  The setting here at New Beginnings is the main reason why it has such a high success rate.  With sobriety being the main requirement for living here at New Beginnings, this housing facility has been set up to be completely drug-free.  It is only meant for those who desire to live their lives dependency-free.

The concept of sober living is meant to be a treatment method for people suffering from substance abuse dependency that wish to learn how to live their lives without the substance.  In a sober living house, the other residents of the house are suffering from the same affliction; therefore, they are able to confer with each other about what they might do to keep them on the sobriety “band-wagon.”

A sober living facility is either privately owned, or owned by an organization; either way, there are a set of rules and regulations that must be complied with in order to reside and participate in the program.  Any violation of a rule can mean ejection from the housing facility.

About New Beginnings:

Located in a quiet community of North Toronto, Etobicoke, the facility features grounds that if beautifully landscaped for quiet, relaxation in nature.  Outdoor sports programs are offered year-round to keep the residents exercising and physically healthy as they work towards their psychological and mental healthfulness.

New Beginnings,  (,  would like to wish its residents and all Canadians a Season’s Greetings for a Happy, Sober Flag Day this February 15, 2018 as well as the rest of the days of the year and years to come. 

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