Log Split Boss Launches New Website Rating Top 2018 Wooden Log Splitters

Orlando, Florida – The wood log splitting industry is expansive with numerous machines available for both commercial and residential use. However, the wide range of wood log splitters can make it difficult to determine which machines are most effective for specific projects. To this end, the company Log Split Boss has launched a new website that reviews and rates the wooden log splitters that have come out in 2018.

The Log Split Boss review site http://www.logsplitboss.com, provides information as to what log splitters are and their uses. Recognizing how the numerous swaths of options can create issues for consumers trying to choose one, Log Split Boss aims to aid in the decision-making process. Their new site covers the different types of log splitters, so consumers can better understand the characteristics of various types of machines to find one that is most suited to their needs. They provide in-depth reviews of anything from a classic manual style splitter, to gas-powered log splitters, to electric log splitters.

The classic manual style splitter is a hand-powered machine. These are mostly for homeowners who would like to use something other than the old axe. However, because of its hand-powered nature, these machines have the lowest pressure rating and are unable to handle the larger logs that may need to be chopped.

Gas-powered log splitters have the highest pressure rating and, typically, the highest power. The main advantage of this type is its power, which enables it to cut long and large pieces of lumber. Because of its gas-powered nature, this splitter can be set up nearly anywhere and does not need to be plugged in to operate.

The electric log splitter lies in the middle of the road, having a mid-pressure rating. This rating leaves it with more power than the hand-powered machine but less power than the gas-powered one. Because of this middle ground, the electric log splitter can handle some larger logs, but not quite as large as the gas-powered splitter.

More information on the types of log splitters and their ratings are available on theLog Split Boss’s website, which offers in-depth reviews of many of the log splitters on the market and breaks down each one’s qualities in detail. In addition to product reviews, the website has a best practices section for safety, as well as some solid reasons for incorporating a wood log splitter into daily life.

With the launch of their new site, Log Split Boss aims to clear the path in understanding the wood log splitting industry. They aspire to help homeowners and industry workers find the tools most suited to their needs.

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