Joan Weber Increases Productivity in the Workplace

Course Speaks Volumes with Workplace Communication Training

Joan Weber, owner and CEO of English in the Workplace, has introduced a new course in Northern Nevada that focuses on communication training to increase productivity in the workplace.  While hiring employees who don’t speak English as their first language is growing in popularity, the communication barriers that are bound to come along with it are increasing as well.  The issue is being addressed and solved by an innovative new class that teaches English.

“So much production is lost when instructions have to be repeated or when directions are misunderstood,” explained Joan.  “The problem is compounded when the employees do not speak English as their first language.  It is time consuming, expensive and frustrating.  This workplace communication training is a course that will massively increase productivity and help provide an efficient solution to the communication barrier problems so the trend in hiring can continue to embrace those for whom English is a second language.

The onsite workplace communication training course is available in Northern Nevada.  It is designed to target English language training that is specific to the workplace and that will enhance productivity by teaching communication skills.  In addition, knowledge of the English language at the workplace improves safety and promotes better business all the way around.

The course consists of work modules that enhance English speaking and comprehension skills, therefore empowering both the employer and the employee.  Classes consist of pre and post work environment work assessments, follow-up support in order to promote continued language growth, management training to help bridge communication gaps, interpreter services, translation and various other related trainings as well.  The training is conducted onsite and the area scope is Northern Nevada.

Joan, founder and owner of English in the Workplace, brings much to the table as far as the workplace communication training goes.  She has decades of valuable experience in working in various educational settings with adult students.  She holds two master’s degrees and has an extensive background in teaching, first with the school district and later with her own company, English in the Workplace where she is pursuing her heart to unify employers and employees through her skills of teaching the English language to promote unity, equality, diversity and safety in the workplace.

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