5 Star Mechanic of Phoenix at Everyone’s Disposal

Phoenix, Arizona – Owning any type of automobile guarantees the need for regular maintenance as well as a trustworthy mechanic when your automobile starts acting faulty. J-N-J Auto Service offers complete auto service and a top rated mechanic in Phoenix. They offer several automobile services such as air conditioning and heating repair, brake service, engine repair, electrical system repair, and preventive maintenance.

J-N-J Auto Services has a long-standing reputation for the services they render. Their owner James Sheehan had this to say “J-N-J Auto Services has been around since the late 1990’s, 1997 to be exact. We have stayed true to our customers and our commitment to provide the very best auto service and value to every customer.” He went on to talk about why their service stands out by saying, “We use the latest diagnostic technology to provide high-quality service and quick turnaround, which enables us to get your car back to you as soon as possible. We also offer many general and preventative maintenance options. It’s a convenient and smart way to keep your vehicle healthy.”

There are a couple of reasons why having a mechanic from J-N-J Auto Services on speed dial is pivotal. Their AC and heating repair expertise can help you save on the risk of further mechanical issues as well as help save money by promoting better fuel efficiency. With their regular scheduled brake maintenance they keep their customers safe from any accidents. They are able to diagnose any and all forms of electrical issues that a motor vehicle may be experiencing and fix it with expertise. With vast experience and a trained skill set, they can fix virtually any problem a vehicle may be experiencing and have it back on the road in record time.

Aside from their excellent auto service, J-N-J Auto Services also keeps their customers and community happy. Everyone that comes across their employees does not only praise their great work but also acknowledges their excellent customer service. They have been referred to as fair and honest on more than one occasion and are known to fix vehicles for a fraction of the estimations given by other similar auto service companies.

Contact a company that is dedicated to professional auto repair and the passion to serve with honesty, quality, and value. J-N-J Auto Services is located at 3540 W. Cactus Rd. Phoenix AZ. 85029 and can be contacted by either phone call at 623-930-7936 or via email at Jnjautoservice@yahoo.com

Alternatively, you can go to their office which is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 5 pm.

The company website can be found at http://www.jnjautoservice.com/.

Media Contact
Company Name: J-N-J Auto Services
Contact Person: James Sheehan
Email: Jnjautoservice@yahoo.com
Phone: 623-930-7936
Address:3540 W. Cactus Rd
City: Phoenix
State: Arizona
Country: United States
Website: www.jnjautoservice.com/