Dance 4 Health Sponsors Fitness Program at Summerdale Elementary School

Dancing has become a cultural phenomenon in recent years as more TV shows and movies place a spotlight on this important form of physical recreation.  Concurrently, much of the country is suffering from treatable health issues related to obesity like diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  The Dance 4 Health Program works with children and utilizes dancing as a powerful and effective defense against obesity. In its latest project, Dance 4 Health is sponsoring a nine week long dance fitness course at Summerdale Elementary School in San Jose, CA.

Dance 4 Health has run numerous successful dance fitness programs across the city of San Jose. Schools include: Arbuckle Elementary, Mildred Goss Elementary, Shields Elementary and many more.  Unlike these programs, which were after school programs, the Summerdale Elementary program will be an in-school course.  Each of the ten classes a week for the nine week period will involve a qualified dance instructor for 20-25 students.  Dance 4 Health targets at risk communities and Summerdale Elementary was chosen for this pilot program because 48% of its students failed to meet the minimum fitness standards in 2013.

Dance 4 Health is a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization that works with professional dancers to help instill a love for movement and exercise in young children. Their work with young students is based on sharing the fun and excitement of dancing. Dance 4 Health is unique because it also incorporates fitness and nutritional education in its program. This organization, with the support of other important health groups such as the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Foundation helps bring enjoyable fitness programs to at-risk communities.

In order to sponsor the Summerdale Elementary pilot project, Dance 4 Health must raise $5,000, and if they wish to expand the program to its intended 20 week course with 12 classes, five days a week, they would require $48,000.  To raise the funds for this important project, Dance 4 Health has sponsored a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  In return for supporting this campaign, donors may receive valuable perks like wrist bands, Certificates of Donation, invitation to the Sanford Cardinal Dance Classic, or special opportunities to work with Dance 4 Health. 

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