JYF MACHINERY Offering Products and Solutions for the Stump Grinder and Forestry Mulcher Needs

China – February 14, 2018 – JYF MACHINERY is among Chinese companies producing and supplying high-quality forestry mulcher teeth, stump grinder teeth and other mulchers wear parts. With market being infiltrated by substandard wear parts, the company is offering affordable quality wear part. For the few years, it has been in wear parts manufacturing, JYF is showcasing its cutting-edge collection of stump grinder and forestry mulcher wear parts. Their products are designed to improve their customers’ performance and to cut the operating cost.

JYF MACHINERY has been producing machine wear parts since 2013. In such short time, they have managed to create a huge market for their products. Apart from just being a Chinese company, it enjoys worldwide customer base. The quality of the products speaks for themselves. That’s why they are penetrating even the international market with ease.

The company revealed that it had improved its technology so as to produce far much better tools. In fact, JYF noted that they are now more customer-oriented than ever before. They are now producing wear parts for a vast number of brands. This is aimed at giving their customer a wider selection of wear parts to choose from.

As for the stump grinder parts, is using the double grain composition of Tungsten carbide (TC). The material is more durable compared the standard coarse grain cemented carbide. With its maximum solidity of 90 to 93 HRA and impact robustness of more than 2,800 MPA, TC has the capacity to withstand even the most demanding conditions. This will provide the user an extended useful life thus helping cut them operating cost. Users will spend less for grinder wear parts with JYF products.

JYF wear parts are unsusceptible to wear and tear. Designed with a custom-built CR-W finish with rigidity ranging from 60 up to 65 HRC, it ensures maximum hardness. It is a feature that will also provide tools with high resistance against impact and extreme abrasion performance.

JYF MACHINERY stump grinder parts boast of extraordinary toughness. That is they can endure tremendous impact. To achieve this feature, the steel body of stump grinder parts is built with special corrosion-resistant alloy. The use low-temperature treatment is also credited for the impressive harness-toughness ratio that these wear parts come with. Such features prolong the useful life of the stump grinder parts thus enabling the user to spend less for machine tools.

As for the forestry mulchers, they are for clearing of thick vegetation such as forests. JYF has all you mulcher replacement needs covered. For the forestry mulcher replacement teeth, they enjoy the same features as stump grinder parts. They are also made from Tungsten carbide. That is what gives them the high resistance against deterioration, durability, and strength. These are features that have made JYF extremely popular with heavy equipment users.

The steel surface of the forestry mulcher teeth is formed from a special oxidation-resistant alloy. The alloy helps in extending the useful lifespan of the mulcher teeth. In addition, the company is using braze welding technique. The technique allows for the merging together of alloy and alloy for extreme welding potency.

JYF MACHINERY is one of the most established Chinese companies specializing in manufacturing and distributing stump grinder and mulcher wear parts. The company has invested in quality raw materials, technology, and personnel. Tungsten carbide (TC) is the material that they use to produce wear parts. Their wear parts enjoy high impact resistance, excellent wear resistance, strength and maximum wear life properties. Their production processes are highly automated for uniformity and maintenance of standards quality. The company also enjoys the services of trained and experienced engineers.

So, for all your forestry mulcher replacement teeth or stump grinder parts needs, JYF MACHINERY is your best partner. Their products are more effective than other competitors in the industry. They will not only last longer but also help reduce your operating costs. Don’t get scared by price since their products are inexpensive but of good quality. The company owns a forestry mulcher and stump grinder part factory where customers can buy products at a wholesale price. Quality and value for money is a guarantee.

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