Houston tech startup launches “Uber” for personal training and yoga sessions

Establishes kids outreach program to help provide fitness mentorship for underprivileged Houstonians

Houston, United States – In today’s busy world, it can be hard to keep up with regular gym time. Why not bring the gym home? Kanthaka LLC, a tech startup based in Houston, Texas, is proud to announce their app, Kanthaka, the new personal trainer on demand. Regarded as the “Uber” for personal training and yoga sessions, the app makes it easy to book an appointment with a trainer at a convenient time. Just pick a location, select date and time, pick a trainer, and pay through the app after the training session. Kanthaka is the perfect solution for people who want to keep fit but don’t have the luxury of time to keep up with regular gym or training schedule. The app is currently only functional in Houston, and it has been live successfully for a couple of months.

To download the app for free on an iOS device, please visit the Apple Store

“Moving from Germany to Houston, with my husband, is one the best decisions I have made in my life. I worked for eight years as a Mergers & Acquisitions attorney. However, my real passion was and always has been fitness, but it was impossible finding a personal trainer who could fit in with my crazy schedule. Kanthaka was created out of the passion for solving the problems faced by people like me and giving everybody the chance to live a healthy life. There are no more excuses, Kanthaka is as easy to use as leggings are comfortable,” said Sylvia Kampshoff, CEO of Kanthaka.

How To Use Kanthaka

Kanthaka is very easy to use. After download and complete installation, users can start their wonderful experience by first picking a location of their choice. It could be the gym, office, home, hotel, etc. Then they pick a time and date most convenient for them. Users can select a trainer based on their profile, expertise, or ratings. The trainer will be available for the training and user can pay securely through the app.

Benefits Of Using Kanthaka

  • No need for user to provide any equipment, as that will be taken care of by the trainer
  • Users can train anytime they want
  • No need to spend huge sums of money purchasing expensive gym subscription packages that will never be used
  • Save money by subscribing to a monthly package without automatic renewal
  • App tracks sessions and workout time, and manages payments
  • Opportunity to work with highly rated certified and licensed personal trainers at affordable prices

For more information, please visit their website www.mykanthaka.com.

Kanthaka Kid’s Community Mentorship Project

Kanthaka wants to give back to the city of Houston through the kid’s outreach program. For the next three months, the company will be donating 5% of their net profit to build up a mentor system for the kids of underprivileged Houstonians. The kids will be taught about living a fit and healthy life to fight against the high obesity rate in Houston. Everybody uses the app will support the overall health of Houstonians. The program will help provide education and moral support for kids who have no access to healthy food stores and fitness coaches.

To get a mentor assigned, you can apply at service@mykanthaka.com.

For more information, please contact 7136143227, sylvia.kampshoff@mykanthaka.com, or visit www.mykanthaka.com.

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Company Name: Kanthaka LLC
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Email: sylvia.kampshoff@mykanthaka.com
Phone: 7136143227
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