Deadline’s Peter White grabbed the exclusive on Bing’s ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’, headlining: “Bai Ling To Star In First Feature In Over 20 Years – Berlin”.

Los Angeles, CA – February 15, 2018 –

Bai Ling is back and better than ever.

After The Hollywood Reporter dubbed Director Tan Bing’s $20 million USD action-packed film ‘CHINA SALESMAN’ the “Most AFM of AFM” in November, TriCoast Worldwide has brought Bing’s newest Chinese murder-mystery thriller, ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’, to Berlinale 2018. 


Produced by Jiang Xiao Yu in association with Shandong Cienyuan Culture Media Company, Bing’s ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ begins when a talented painter’s mangled body is found in a bathtub by a local bartender (Bai Ling) and young policeman. Captivated by the murder’s mystery and desire to service justice, the two find themselves swimming in the investigation’s mysteries, secrets, and scandals, concluding in a shocking plot twist.

Deadline’s Peter White picked up the exclusive from “TriCoast Worldwide, the firm responsible for selling ‘China Salesman’ as well as Tom Sizemore’s Better Criminal and Jon Lovitz’s Almost Sharkproof, is taking [‘The Fatal Contract’] to Berlin and will launch it at EFM.”

Photo: Peter White’s Deadline article highlighting TriCoast Worldwide’s representation of ‘The Fatal Contract’ and star, Bai Ling, at 2018 EFM’s Berlinale.

“Headline: Bai Ling To Star In First Chinese Feature In Over 20 Years – Berlin”, captioned Deadline’s Peter White, following with, “EXCLUSIVEEntourage and Lost star Bai Ling is back and set to star in Chinese murder mystery The Fatal Contract – her first Chinese feature since she was banned from the country for openly criticizing government officials.” 


Bai Ling, whom is one of the world’s most diverse and captivating American-Chinese actresses, began her early career with Chinese films until her first major American role in ‘The Crow’ and since has worked for prestigious filmmakers including Oliver Stone (‘Nixon’), Spike Lee (‘She Hates Me’), and George Lucas (‘Star Wars III’).

“It is Ling’s first Chinese role in many years and follows a military documentary, produced for state channel CCTV, that she starred in 2016. After the doc, which commemorated the Long March, Ling wrote on social media site Weibo: “I am deeply sorry for all those things in my past that friends on the Internet have brought up. From now on I want all of you to see a brand new Bai Ling, a Bai Ling who is full of positive energy, a Chinese Bai Ling,” wrote White


Next to Ling’s daring performance, ‘THE FATAL CONTRACT’ stars a talented cast, including Xuan Miao (‘China Salesman’), Tao Hong (‘Life Show’, ‘Death Dowry’), and Zhao Yan Guo Zhang (‘Cool Young’, ‘The Emperor and The Assassin’).

The 2018 European Film Market will take place from February 15 – February 23, 2018 at Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin, Germany. TriCoast Worldwide will be located at Stand #157. To schedule a meeting for EFM or for further questions, please contact  


Special thanks: Peter White – Deadline

Produced by: Jiang Xiao Yu.

In association with: Shandong Cienyuan Culture Media Company.

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