Arlington Plumber Announces Trenchless Water Line Technology

Arlington, Texas – The replacement or repair of a property’s water lines is important, as these plumbing lines tend to wear down due to corrosion of pipes, root intrusion, or a number of other natural occurrences. In addition, some pipes used in Arlington water lines are made from lead. Consuming lead in drinking water due to worn down pipes can create myriad side effects like kidney or heart disease, or even depression. It is vital, therefore, to ensure that the water lines used on your property are up to date and current building code. All Masters Plumbing, a licensed plumbing company in Arlington, Texas, now offers a more efficient method of water line replacement. Instead of digging up old pipes, they have employed a cutting-edge technology that doesn’t require disrupting the ground surface. This new method is referred to as trenchless water line replacement.

Older methods of water line replacement or repair can be damaging and difficult for many reasons. One reason is that trenches must be dug to reach the previous water line underground. This often damages the landscape, concrete, or improvements of this area of the property including the grass, sidewalks, driveway, or garden.

Trenchless water line replacement, which is now offered in Arlington TX, and DFW, means that property owners no longer need to worry about these costly damages. (Most plumbing companies in Arlington simply leave cosmetic repairs to the homeowner after the new pipes have been installed.) It can also be incredibly time consuming to dig trenches to reach the previous water lines, which means that it is also be more labor intensive and costly. This cutting-edge “trenchless” technique uses an installation head to connect a new plumbing line to the previous ones. A technician then “pulls” new pipes through the old lines. Trenchless water line repair erases the need for time-consuming trench digging, and makes the entire process quick and simple for residents or business owners who wish to replace their old lead or galvanized water lines.

The Arlington, Texas area in particular is currently reaching a time in which many pipes have begun to erode, as most of the plumbing lines were last replaced over forty years ago. It is imperative that DFW residents find solutions to this dangerous and costly issue to avoid both disruption of service and potential adverse health effects. All Masters Plumbing has made it a priority to ensure that Arlington residents are able to repair or replace their eroding plumbing lines in a way that is both efficient and economical. Their objective is to help keep drinking water clean and fresh. This is why they have implemented the cost-efficient method of trenchless water line replacement for Arlington residents, rather than simply relying on the same antiquated, time-consuming, and often expensive methods still used by the majority of Arlington plumbers. If you would like to learn more about trenchless water line replacement, or how the technique works, contact them by phone or watch a helpful video on their company website.

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