Pursuing Deep Greatness Show Launches on Roku TV

The Pursuing Deep Greatness With Dov Baron show premiered on the SmartFem TV Channel in January 2018, on Roku TV.
SmartFem TV Channel’s latest show, Pursuing Deep Greatness, is presented by leadership expert Dov Baron. Inc Magazine recently named Baron in its list of the Top 100 Leadership Speakers for 2018, and GlobalGurus.org named Baron in the World’s Top 30 Leadership Professionals for 2018. Baron’s show is for people in leadership positions, from parents to CEOs.

Scottsdale, AZ – February 15, 2018 – SmartFem TV is the Roku channel carrying the Pursuing Deep Greatness With Dov Baron show. Lea Woodford, the founder and CEO of SmartFem Media Group, selected Baron’s show to appear on the company’s flagship channel.

“I am so excited to have Dov Baron’s show on the SmartFem Network.  He has been so supportive for women in Leadership and across the board.  We need more men like Dov to bring women to the table,”Woodford said.

Baron says the Pursuing Deep Greatness show evolved from the leadership consulting and advice that he has been delivering for three decades. He says he developed the show to provide access to the thing he finds most leaders are pursuing externally in an effort to become the best leaders they can be.

Baron describes this as the pursuit of deep greatness, which he says is within each leader, whether they’re leading at a local community level or within the c-suite of a multinational corporation.

Each episode of the show explores different aspects of deep greatness as well as different strategies for locating and leveraging it.

Baron says, “I’ve noticed that leaders are often looking for new tactics and strategies to make them better, more effective leaders. Looking to improve is a real hallmark of good leadership.”

“However, by looking ‘out there,’ they often overlook the most important factor … and that factor has been within them all along. That factor is their own deep greatness. Understanding and connecting with their deep greatness is the most powerful work a leader can undertake,” says Baron.

Pursuing Deep Greatness premiered on the SmartFem channel on Roku TV in January, and the show is expected to be available on Amazon Prime by April, this year. As consumers vote with their devices by embracing alternatives to regular TV, new shows and their content creators are able to find vast new audiences.

Adweek reported in November 2017 that nearly 70 million U.S. households have a connected television. It’s estimated that 168 million people will watch connected TV in 2018, as U.S. adults consume more media but less live TV, and with 59% of households owning at least one internet-enabled device capable of streaming to a TV.

Roku has been at the forefront of the consumer switch to internet-enabled streaming devices and it leads all streaming media device brands among U.S. broadband households with 37% of installed base, according to the latest report from Park Associates.

In fact, the Park Associates consumer research reveals that Roku is increasing its lead over competitors in the streaming media player category.

For more information, see:  https://channelstore.roku.com/details/203379/smartfem-tv

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