Improve Attention to Detail with Online Training or an In-House Workshop

“Attention to Detail is not about perfection. It’s about accuracy, effectiveness, and quality. It’s about doing better and being better.”
Chris Denny of Attention To Detail Solutions has created a system that helps people improve their attention to detail to improve accuracy, reduce mistakes, and improve the overall quality of their work. The system was created through years of research, hundreds of surveys, and numerous interviews with employees and business leaders. He teaches the system through online courses and in-house corporate workshops.

Feb 15, 2018 – Houston, TX –

If you want to improve attention to detail – yours or an employee’s – there is now a class for that.

Most people think of attention to detail as something a person either has or doesn’t but Chris Denny of Attention to Detail Solutions in Houston is confident he can help you and your company become more detail-oriented. His training is available via online attention to detail training courses and in-house corporate workshops.

For nearly 7 years, Chris Denny has made it his mission in life to develop a system for helping people to be more detail-oriented and, based on the positive feedback from his clients, he has done it. Through ongoing research, surveys (which you can find at, and interviews with business owners and individuals Chris developed a system for improving attention to detail based on what he calls “The Five Fundamental Elements” of attention to detail.

Chris is passionate about the subject and loves to share his ‘how this all started’ story of an employee he had who was “exceptionally talented and technically able to do amazing work” but simply could not seem to consistently produce “delivery-ready” work. He believed in the employee’s potential and, after being unable to find training to improve attention to detail, he started researching the topic and became engrossed in it.

Although Chris’ research started in early 2011, he only started offering training in 2017 when he was confident enough that his system is effective. In fact, it was a call from a company asking him to do a workshop that spurred him to start accepting clients. He was initially driven by the research itself, which he obviously still loves, but his motivation went through the roof once he got a taste of what it feels like to truly help people improve the quality of their work.

With wide-eyed enthusiasm Chris shares feedback from people who took his training. “It’s so gratifying. The feedback compels me to keep improving the training and share it with more and more people. One workshop participant recently told me I ‘changed her life’! She literally said those words! That made my year! Just last week another called to thank me because my online course enabled him to keep his job (in a professional position). He had been put on probation for making too many mistakes and the course showed him how to apply a system that reduced his mistakes to virtually zero. How cool is that?! I love being part of that positive impact on people’s lives. It’s humbling and rewarding at the same time.”

One funny thing. Chris readily admits that he still makes mistakes, too. “People ask me if I ever make mistakes, as if I’ve figured out the secret to perfection. YES! I still make mistakes… but typically not many where it counts. Attention to Detail is not about perfection. It’s about accuracy, effectiveness, and quality. It’s about doing better and being better.”

You can learn more about Chris Denny’s online attention to detail training and in-person workshops at He is working on adding new courses for organizations and specific professions and is also available for hire as a speaker. 

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