Hometown Favorite – Best Used Trucks – Has Moved to a New Location to Better Serve Customers’ Needs

Rhome – Finding quality used vehicles that customers can trust can be a huge challenge. Unfortunately, many sellers and businesses rip people off or sell vehicles that are of poor quality and will not last long. It is imperative that those looking to purchase a used vehicle do their homework and thoroughly research whichever they are purchasing from.However, there is hope for those in Texas, Best Used Trucks, a trusted name in the used vehicle industry, has moved to a bigger location in an effort to serve their customers even better than before.

Best Used Trucks is a small company with big aspirations. They sell everything from trailer equipment to huge semi-trucks and RV’s. The company’s friendly and personalized service strives to make their customers feel right at home. Best Used Trucks’ dedication to their customers can be witnessed first-hand by the heartfelt Thank You page on their website. The company has earned several awards such as the 2006 award for the Independent Dealer of the Year from Truck Blue Book and the award for Small Business of the Year from Tarrant County Rising Star Program. Additionally, the owner, Eddie Walker, was awarded the “Life Time Achievement Award” in November 2010 by the Used Truck Association.Best Used Trucks’ new location features a truck and trailer friendly drive-in strip so current truck owners can visit with ease while searching for other vehicles to add to their collection. Those looking for affordable, trustworthy used trucks in Texas should highly consider this reputable and established company.

Small businesses may often rent trucks or other equipment for their shipping needs yet if these activities are engaged in often it may be more economical toactually buy a truck instead of continually renting. Buying a truck may seem like a huge unattainable investment but buying a used truck may be more in reach than business owners may realize. Best Used Trucks has a wide selection of suitable trucks at reasonable prices coupled with financing plans that can make owning a truck a viable option for small business owners looking to make a smart investment.

Transportation is a huge part of owning a business, having the right transportation equipment can make all the difference in a company’s success. Best Used Trucks realizes this and seek to provide their customers with the best used trucks and equipment available on the market today. Their warm, inviting customer service paired with a new facility creates an ideal place for Texans to find their next truck, trailer, or equipment purchase.

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Company Name: Best Used Trucks
Contact Person: Eddie Walker
Email: eddie@bestusedtrucks.com
Phone: (817) 439-3900
City: Rhome
State: TX 76078
Country: United States
Website: http://www.bestusedtrucks.com