Free Program by U2C, “The Digital Divide, Vol.1” Inspires Curiosity and Empowers Youth to Pursue Careers in Tech.

Up To Code Academy’s new video curriculum, “The Digital Divide, Vol.1” was created for Black and Latino youth that have been traditionally underserved. The goal is to ignite creativity, passion, and build awareness of the opportunities that exist within the tech industry. Oakland, California— There’s no time like Black History Month to engage in conversations around the Digital Divide. Due to a lack of Internet and computer access, in communities that have been marginalized, there is a striking lack of Black and Latino youth going into tech careers. The Bay Area, the epicenter of technology, is one of the least diverse areas of the country when it comes to technology careers—but change is coming!

One organization, Up To Code Academy, is doing everything it can to inspire youth to pursue a career in tech. Up To Code Academy—also known as U2C—has found its own niche in the realm of non-profit and ed-tech organizations. U2C’s mission is to help educators and nonprofits establish and elevate S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) programs, Health and Wellness education, and Entrepreneurship skills through enhanced curriculum and video-based course delivery.

Rather than providing the coding and computer science courses, the goal of U2C is to support the organizations that provide this education by inspiring youth, fostering curiosity, and spurring action.

“Our mission is to inspire and motivate kids to enroll in existing programs. We want to empower them to take action and expand their possibilities. We’re working with parents, educators, after-school enrichment coordinators, and youth themselves to make our goals a reality.” – Judd and Rhonda Flemming, Founders of Up To Code Academy.

U2C’s founders, Judd and Rhonda Flemming, have years of professional experience as a filmmaker and an educator, respectively. They’re now concentrating their talents to reach students that have been marginalized throughout the Bay Area. “We believe that to whom much is given, much is required. That was the catalyst for us to reach out and use our skills to help underserved students,” says Judd Flemming.

U2C’s pilot program, “The Digital Divide, Vol.1” is an engaging, 9-part video curriculum that defines the digital divide, explains its root causes and the systemic challenges perpetuating it, and explores potential pathways to closing the opportunity gap. The program is expected to be released in March.

To learn more about the new video curriculum or to support Up To Code Academy’s mission, visit the website:

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