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Specialists from the 2WInPower company disclose the secrets, principles and structure of the gaming industry.

Nowadays, a lot of people like playing online games, considering them as a means to achieve a certain aim: to relax after a hard working day, to have a change of air, to kill time or just to entertain themselves. That is why gaming business thrives and brings enormous income.

So why not seize this wonderful opportunity and start such a profitable business? Of course, this process is very complicated, and a lot of pitfalls await you. But 2WinPower, a company that knows all ins and outs of the gaming industry, is ready to become your guide on the road to earning a fortune.

Here is the short list of services that the studio provides:

• turnkey online gaming software;

• iGaming solutions;

• software and HTML5 games development;

• gaming platforms for sale and lease;

• analytics;

• marketing and promotion.

Contact 2WinPower managers to order any of these services and to find out what else they can do for you.

What are the stages of turnkey gaming solutions in 2WinPower?

If you need a turnkey solution, 2WinPower is the right place to contact. You are just to state your needs – their specialists will do the rest.

This studio has profound knowledge and experience in application development, so they have a specific scheme to follow in order to ensure that all the necessary things will be paid attention to during the execution of your order:

1. Market survey

2WinPower will investigate regional and international market to find out what products are in-demand, how competitors work, what audience to target.

2. Company registration and licensing

2WinPower will help you prepare all needed documents to register legal entity and to obtain all licenses for you to do legitimate business and not to worry about any possible problems.

3. Website development

Specialists will create a beautiful website for your application to attract more and more clients. It will be as fast, accessible and intuitive as possible.

4. Software

Here you have several options:

• You can choose ready games from 2WinPower portfolio. This studio provides quality content because it cooperates with exemplary developers.

• 2WinPower can create unique games according to your demands, deadlines or desired theme (any particular holiday, event etc.). It will be an individual product that suits your audience the best and will allow you to stand out from competitors offering different software. If you stick to this variant, you will get a number of advantages such as:

1) exclusive game design;

2) thematic sound effects that fit the plot perfectly;

3) excellent 3D graphics, lively animations to make your game a masterpiece;

4) HTML5 or Flash technologies as a base.

5) Payment systems

2WinPower will easily integrate any payment system into your website. Besides, due to a comfortable administrative panel, you will be able to control all the transactions.

How much time does turnkey development take?

In general, it takes 3 months to create a turnkey solution. In case of cooperation with 2WinPower, you can be sure that you will get a quality product in the end. This studio has hired a significant number of professionals whose work is well-coordinated due to the following principles:

1. Constant communication with users and clients;

2. Agile development;

3. Development is based on real statistics;

4. Up-to-date technologies.

What technologies does 2WinPower use in quality development?

2WinPower differs from other game studios because its motto is to follow latest technologies to ensure that its customers get the best services:

• HTML5 and Flash;

• Design thinking;

• Google Analytics;

• AR/VR technologies;

• Artificial intelligence and many others.

How does 2WinPower market and promote?

2WinPower has developed an incredible strategy how to attract clients effectively by explaining why it is better to purchase your product but not the competitor’s one.

This studio has a large number of proven ways how to let as many people as possible know about your business:

• Loyalty programs – 2WinPower knows how to draw clients’ attention to the product through the system of bonuses, bargains, special offers etc.

• SEO – a team of 2WinPower specialists will make your website take one of the first places in search engine output. Though such promotion takes a long time; in a couple of months, the result will impress you.

• Social media marketing – nowadays social media are an integral part of everyone’s life. SMM specialists from 2WinPower know how to make use of this means to tell people about your business.

• Banners – 2WinPower designers will be glad to develop bright banners that catch clients’ attention and motivate to click on them.

• Affiliate programs – 2WinPower believes that this way is the most effective though it does not require any substantial investments. This company will help you find partners who will gladly post materials concerning your project on their websites. Those who are interested in the information you provide are likely to visit your website and use your product.

Anyway, 2WinPower specialists know everything about promotion and marketing. They are ready to consult you on any nuances or develop a marketing strategy specially for you.

What awards has 2WinPower managed to win?

One more reason to prove that 2WinPower studio is an experienced and reliable games development company is that it has been awarded dozen of times in the following prestigious competitions:

• Global Gaming Awards;

• IGA Awards;

• EGR Awards;

• WiG Awards and so on.

How to order services from 2WinPower?

2WinPower is ready to help you solve any question concerning iGaming software, games integration etc. Feel free to contact them:

• E-mail: info@2wpower.com

• Skype: twowinpower

• Telegram: @win24

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