basta is “Millenial Catnip” says WGSN Senior Editor

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – The simplest things shouldn’t be hard to find, and basta is making their mission statement come to life by doing just that.

The first ever ‘product as a solution company’ is teaching its consumers that one simple solution can be the answer, whether it be a set of incredibly soft bed sheets, a pair of crisp white sneakers, or a sleek shower curtain.  Consumers will no longer have to walk through the countless aisles of a massive retail store, or sort through an endless selection of products and customer reviews online, just to get some basic stuff.

basta will only create what people want. Unlike the traditional method of creating a product line and hoping someone will consume it, basta is creating products that are a solution to everyday needs (home, travel, office, bed&bath, gym, etc). Everything will be thoughtfully designed, fairly priced and approved by their community.

Every four to six weeks, basta will pitch their next product idea through Kickstarter, or (Instagram). “It’s Millennial Catnip,” says Brian Trunzo, Senior Editor at WGSN.  A company that isn’t reinventing the wheel, but giving you the wheel: one item, one color, one price.

“A good essential product provides a strong foundation on which you can build your own personal style”, says co-founder Eitan Braham. He adds,  “We’re all about individuality. Having that solid foundation for your home, wardrobe, and life will help bring that individuality out!”

Co-Founder Nick McClish referenced basta’s long term goals: “I hope that in 5 years we come close to having 100 products. Each one providing a solution to a need. If you need something for your home, a trip, your office, your car, your shower or the gym, basta has you covered.”

Products will be priced very competitively compared to market equivalents. basta follows the direct to consumer business model, meaning they are cutting out the middleman to keep their prices fair. By working with a faster and smarter supply chain, basta can offer their products 40% less than what they would normally be priced in the current marketplace.

Their first project, the ‘perfect white sneaker’, can be found here, at a special price of $100, only to the Kickstarter community. The sneakers are being produced at a world class production facility in Portugal with high quality leather from Italy.

About basta

basta was founded in 2016 by Eitan Braham and Nick McClish. Once their vision was clear, they brought on Jong Park as their lead designer to turn their ideas into real life products.

After working for famed fashion director Nick Wooster at Bergdorf Goodman, Nick McClish continued his career in merchandising and buying in lead roles at JC Penney and Barneys.  Nick is currently finishing up his MBA at London Business School.

Eitan Braham is a founding team member and organizer of the top menswear tradeshow Liberty Fairs. Every year Eitan creates a number of major industry events where niche and commercial brands can showcase their collections to the world’s most influential buyers and coveted media outlets. In addition, Eitan is a partner at menswear brand Knickerbocker Mfg Co.

A seasoned designer, Jong Park (JP) spent most of his career developing and designing luxury and athletic apparel for Ralph Lauren. JP continued his career in leading projects such as designing and producing Equinox’s in house line, and now owns his own apparel factory in Manhattan’s garment district. 

Media Contact
Company Name: Basta
Contact Person: Eitan Braham
Country: United States