Kemper Medical Offers High Quality, Affordable X-Ray Markers

Kemper Medical provides a range of high-quality X-ray markers that enable radiographers to distinguish the patient’s right from left, and avoid the legal issues associated with poorly marked X-rays. The company also supplies a wide range of other medical products including radiation protection aprons, radiation, laser, and glass working safety glasses, and bariatric products.

Kemper Medical carries a wide range of X-ray markers that fit the needs of current advanced imagining procedures. These include: industry standard classic elite markers; clip markers for use when attaching a marker to a cassette for portable imaging; wafer-thin markers for use with newer digital equipment, and copper backed markers for use with X-ray equipment with a higher KV settings (amount of exposure that affects the contrast in an X-ray image).   

Kemper Medical’s X-ray markers are available in colored sets and come in horizontal and vertical styles and in different shapes and sizes. The markers guide the radiographer’s eye to the important parts of the X-ray and prevent errors from occurring. These include the improper diagnosis of dextrocardia (a congenital condition of the heart being on the right side rather than the left), and situs inversus (where all internal organs are on the opposite side to normal).

Kemper Medical’s success stems from its founder, Greg Kemper, a medical professional with experience and knowledge in radiology, who recognizes the difficulties faced by healthcare facilities in finding high-quality medical supplies and world class customer service. The company’s key strengths include a wide range of brand name medical equipment, fast delivery of orders, a highly skilled, educated, and experienced customer support team to aid clients with product selection, and complete transparency about turnaround time, payment terms, and problem resolution.

Kemper Medical stocks a broad selection of medical equipment. These include: radiation protection products such as lead aprons, shields, and blockers; radiation protection eyewear, apron and glove racks; radiology equipment and accessories such as mobile cassette holders and MRI Non-magnetic Plastic Base IV Poles; medical equipment such as lamps, medical cabinets, and utility carts; exam tables and seating; physical therapy equipment; and, bariatric equipment.

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