Chinese fast fashion magazine landed on the Times Square, New York, and launch on the world stage

On February 14th, when all the Chinese people were welcoming the Chinese New Year on the other side of the globe, China’s first fast fashion Internet Magazine “MODAIN” landed on the New York world square NASDAQ “the first screen of the world”. MODAIN brand representative – Chinese film star Jiang Peng, shows the world’s new generation of fashion power from China to the world.

As everyone knows, the New York Times Square, known as the “crossroads of the world” reputation.  NASDAQ is the focus of the giant screen in the world, the world fully deserve core business, has been the world’s top brands of the stage, the image of the MODAIN advertisement on the broadcast, has attracted worldwide attention.


Fashion advisor, a fashion consultant for the palm of the hand

The advent of the Internet era, the subversion of the traditional media, MODAIN emerged as the first China fast fashion magazine on the internet.  MODAIN integration the domestic and foreign star resources, fashion industry leaders, experts in fashion industry, and fashion opinion leaders, providing fresh and energetic point of view between the popular and frontier which is the future trend from a female perspective, and unique social reports, show the diversification trend of life, inspiration and provide more choices for the fashionable women’s dress, to create a full range of fashion consultant.

Invited to New York fashion week to synchronize international trends information

At the same time, MODAIN also invited to participate in the 2018 New York fashion week, as the special fashion media. MODAIN set the domestic star with the fashion expert, live broadcast the whole fashion week event, passing the latest fresh global fashion information to all users. On the other hand, MODAIN and Mercedes Benz have joint sponsorship to the fashion show, to show the whole new fashion idea to the world together.

In the future, MODAIN, a new fashion power from China, will continue to appear on the world stage, keep providing brand-new fashion sense for the whole world in order to show a new fashion attitude.

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