Cosmetic Dentist Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, FL, Interviewed on Dental Implant Solutions

“Dr. Adami in the middle with his team at Designer Family Dental.”
Dr. Robert Adami, founder and owner of Delray Beach and Boynton Beach FL Designer Family Dental locations, expounds on how cosmetic dentistry can correct chipped, cracked, spaced and discolored teeth. It transforms a person’s smile, boosting his or her confidence, and enhances one’s overall health.

In a recent interview with Doctor Relations, Dr. Robert Adami, founder of Designer Family Dental in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, FL, discussed that missing teeth aren’t just a cosmetic and bite problem. Health problems, such as bone loss, jaw aches, chronic headaches and shoulder pains, are often caused by missing teeth.

Listed here are the effects:

The American Dental Association revealed that an average person aged 20 through 64 has more than three decayed or missing teeth. This problem affects chewing and impacts the rest of the teeth in a negative way. Poor dental health often creates further damage to systemic health.

Dr. Adami explains, “People suffering from poor dental health or missing teeth have more serious problems to worry about. Jaw pain, headaches, bone loss in the mouth, and a weakened immune system can manifest when bacteria enters the bloodstream through the mouth. Dental diseases often contribute to heart, lung and liver diseases, and pre-mature or still-born babies during pregnancies.”

Concerned with bigger problems that develop overtime for those who skip regular dental examinations, Dr. Adami’s office offers a free dental consultation, exam and X-rays. This service also provides a second opinion for those who have treatment plans suggested by another dentist and would like to get the treatment plan re-evaluated.

Dr. Adami’s office has many options for missing teeth, including implants, dentures, and bridges. They provide patients with specialized services, such as 3D X-rays (contain up to 80% less radiation) and sedation dentistry, which is beneficial to patients that have dental anxiety by allowing them to relax during the whole process.

“When helping patients maintain a healthy mouth, trying to preserve the teeth without unnecessary dental work is a priority,” said Dr. Adami. “Those who suffer from the consequences of missing teeth can find a variety of solutions at my office for any budget, especially with the advancement of dental technology!”

“I called Designer Family Dental with what I thought was a broken tooth. Their service was second to none. They made me feel comfortable, had a same day appointment,” said patient Susan D. “They took X-rays, gave me several options with how to repair the tooth.”

Outside helping the patients at Designer Family Dental, Dr. Adami has been running programs to benefit the local community, such as blood drives, free dentistry, and food drive campaigns for CROS Ministries (Christians Reaching Out to Society).

To learn more about Dr. Adami’s dental practice, which serves the residents of Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Boca Raton and nearby areas, visit:

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