Plasma Pen Training and Certification Program for a Professional Career in Beauty Industry

Exciting Career Opportunities in Medical Centers and Spas, Plasma Treatment Centers, etc.

Plasma Pen Pro is pleased to announce their Plasma Pen Training and Certification Program for those who are interested in making an exciting career in beauty and the cosmetic industry. The Plasma Pen Pro is a machine that was designed by a team of experts with over 35 years of combined experience in the industry. The team has extensive experience in latest skin treatment procedures and techniques with an international work experience in some of the most renowned spas and medical centres.

The Machine – Plasma Pen Pro is a cutting-edge machine that is designed to eliminate or reduce a variety of skin conditions. The machine is built to harness the power of plasma (the fourth matter of state after solid, liquid and gas) through the process of ionization. The PPP unit creates electric charge also known as ARC. This targets the skin’s surface by causing a controlled burn, thereby dissipating heat to eliminate moles, pigmentation, skin tags, etc. During this process the body also sends fibroblasts which lay down the elastin fibers and collagen thereby promoting skin tightening. This treatment is known as the Plasma Pen Skin Tightening Treatment.

The Program – The Plasma Pen Training and Certification Program will help the students understand the technology, the various types of treatments and procedures, etc. They will also be updated with latest information about the PPP technology. They will be able to upgrade their skills and equip themselves with proper tools so as to provide professional services to their clients. They can also make a lucrative career in the industry or set up their own spas and medical centers that specialize in plasma treatments. The PPP machine is the newest skin treatment that is non-invasive, non-surgical with no tools required to perform the treatments. With no bruising or bleeding one can take complete advantage of the machine and get rid of a variety of skin problems.

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Plasma Pen Pro, based at Ontario, Canada is an innovative machine that is designed with the power of plasma to eliminate skin conditions such as moles, fine lines, wrinkles, skin tags, etc.


Rose Cruz – Owner/Master, Plasma Pen Pro Trainer

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Company Name: Plasma Pen Pro
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Address:1 Eglinton Ave East, Unit C400
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