Selling a Business? Edmonton Business Broker, Sunbelt Canada, Announces “9 Steps To Selling Your Business”

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Sunbelt Business Brokers, the largest Canadian business broker, announced 9 steps to selling a business. “Selling a business is the most important decision a business owner has to make”, said Ish Uttam, CEO of Sunbelt Edmonton Alberta Canada office.

Sunbelt Business Brokers, the largest Canadian business broker, announced 9 steps to selling a business. “Selling a business is the most important decision a business owner has to make”, said Ish Uttam, CEO of Sunbelt Edmonton Alberta Canada office. Selling a business is a complex process, so it is important to consult the most knowledge business intermediaries. Sunbelt understands what it takes to sell a business.

Sunbelt offers both business sellers and buyers superior service. The 9 Steps to Selling a Business ensure values are assessed, highly trained brokers effectively market your business using tested and proven methods, while maintaining confidentiality to preserve the value of your business.

9 Steps to Selling a Business

1. Analyze & Prepare The Business

We understand what buyers want to see in a business and we can work with your team of trusted advisors to get your business in position to be sold for the best price and in the shortest time frame.

2. Generate Value Estimates & Deal Structures

The right deal is different for everybody and every business. In conjunction with delivering our professional opinion of value, we can present different deal structures for you and your financial advisors to consider. Visit our Valuations section for more information about valuations and business pricing.

3. Develop Your Marketing Assets

Our team will create compelling Confidential Business Profiles, Confidential Business Reviews and additional collateral designed to stimulate the interest of buyers while maintaining confidentiality.

4. Launch Your Confidential Internet Promotion

For certain businesses, an internet marketing and promotions strategy is a must. In addition to posting a blind profile of your business on the Sunbelt website, we’ll place your business advertisement on more than 10 additional, industry leading websites that buyers go to. Buyers are online, and we make sure they can find your business.

5. Execute Off-Line Marketing Strategies

With an international network of broker professionals, our contact with potential buyers extends from your backyard to around the globe. As part of the overall marketing plan we craft with you, we’ll explore how to tap our databases of appropriate individual buyers, private equity groups and strategic corporate buyers.

6. Respond To & Screen Buyers

Our marketing program is designed to generate buyer inquiries, which we will follow up with, and screen. We’ll take that pool and narrow it down to those who appear to be serious, have the financial capacity to perform, and ultimately the prospective buyers who may be the best candidates.

7. Manage Buyers and Evaluate Offers

Our process is designed to solicit the best offers, from the best buyers. Working with your professional advisors, we’ll help you evaluate the pros and cons of each offer.

8. Expedite Due Diligence

Once an offer is accepted and finalized, we will help coordinate the due diligence process, so prospective buyers have access to the detailed information they need to finalize their decision. We’ll work with accountants, attorneys, and lenders to keep the process focused and efficient.

9. Prep Documents & Close

With an offer in hand, we’ll assist you with the exchange of information with accountants, attorneys and lenders, including closing documents and logistics, to facilitate a smooth transition. Congratulations! The next chapter of your life awaits.

We will ensure a training and transition program to achieve a successful transfer and the ongoing success of the business. More than 98% of buyers who work through Sunbelt Canada are successful with the business they acquire. This is the final step for selling a business.

About Sunbelt Business Brokers

Although Sunbelt – founded by Ed Pendarvis in Charleston, South Carolina in 1978 – has grown to become the world’s largest business brokerage operation, there was no presence in Canada until Greg Kells started Sunbelt Canada in 2001.

Sunbelt, with approximately 250 licensed offices located throughout the world, annually coordinate an estimated 3,000 Main Street and Middle Market business transactions. That is why we say, “Sunbelt is the place to go to buy or sell a business.”

For the dedicated team at Sunbelt, the path to assisting buyers and sellers of businesses has been rewarding. With over 30 locations across Canada, and the greatest number of certified professional brokers, Sunbelt has the largest market exposure in the country. Typical sales range from $250,000 to $20 million.

Main Street businesses include franchised and non-franchised restaurants, retail stores, professional service firms, small manufacturers and a broad array of other small, privately-held businesses. Mid-Market firms served by Sunbelt are privately held although the purchasers may be Private Equity Firms, larger Strategic Buyers or Public Corporations. At any given time, Sunbelt typically has 4000-6000 businesses for sale.

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