Need Replacement Sofa Cushions? Visit the Foam Factory

Have your sofa cushions seen better days? If you’re one of the many thousands of people sitting on flat, sagging sofa cushions, then this company has the ideal solution for you. Foam Factory specialise purely in replacement sofa cushions and can help you to restore your tired sofa to its full potential.

You may never have heard of planned obsolescence before, but chances are you’ve been a victim of it at least once in your life. Planned obsolescence is the technical term for purposefully making products of a lesser quality to break faster. This isn’t an incompetent act by companies, it’s a carefully strategized manoeuvre to make you spend more money.

This isn’t a sales tactic reserved purely for the sofa industry, it’s likely to occur across sales within almost any largely manufactured product. The idea is that if a product is designed to break sooner rather than later, a customer will most likely return to the same brand to repurchase another. This way, product manufacturers can save money on material costs and increase the frequency of repeat sales.

The sofa industry is known to be notorious in this practice. According to the Foam Factory website over 4.2 million sofas are discarded each year. It’s safe to assume that a clear majority of these sofas were discarded prematurely. When sofa cushions begin to sag, many people naturally assume that they need a brand-new sofa. This is not the case.

By using Foam Factory’s replacement sofa cushion service, you can save yourself both time and a lot of effort. It’s much easier and cheaper to purchase replacement sofa cushions, when compared to purchasing a new sofa and discarding your old one. It’s also much more environmentally friendly. Foam Factory estimates that only 17% of discarded sofas are recycled. By purchasing replacement sofa cushions from Foam Factory, you’ll not only save time and money, you can also pat yourself on the back for helping out the environment.

It couldn’t be easier to purchase replacement sofa cushions from Foam Factory. All you need to do is choose from over twenty template options (there’s even a custom option available). Next you need to input the measurements of your old sofa cushions. After that you can choose which foam you’d prefer to sit on. Next you can choose to add extras such as dacron and stockinette. Finally, you just need to place your order.

Simple, right? It gets better though. Foam Factory even offer next day delivery on orders of replacement sofa cushions placed before 11:30 am Monday – Thursday. Soon enough, you’ll be sitting pretty on your replacement sofa cushions, content with the knowledge that these ones won’t fail you.

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