Luxury sauna supplier announces range of leak proof and easy to install electric shower cabins

No need for tiles and redecoration and no more issues with cold feet after bath

England – AEB Solutions is proud to announce the launch of their “Pure E” range of electric shower cabins. The products are perfect for people who only have a cold feed in to the shower and need a simple solutions for an electric shower. They come in varying sizes and are easy to install and offer a leak-free solution.

These electric showers are free-standing and self-contained, which means there is nothing to install, no need to add tiles or redecorate. They come with ocean mirror and crystal white back panels that hide all the mess from the previous installation. The front is made with 5mm safety glass that gives it functionality and beauty.

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“We are experts in providing solutions that transform the experience and lifestyle of our customers. Having a leaking shower that gives you cold feet is a terrible thing; our range of products where designed and created to solve this problem. These electric showers can easily be installed where your old shower stood, without any need for redecoration. We give you ultimate comfort and relaxation in the shower, with features not easy to find anywhere else,” said Andrew Ellis, a representative of Clearwells.

Having an electric shower that functions properly can improve the quality of life. There are so many showers out their promising features that get rid of cold feet problem in the bathroom, without actually delivering. These Pure E range are an excellent addition to any home, to add functionality and beauty.

The electric showers can be installed where the old shower stood. Once installed, there is no need for any decoration, addition of tiles, or whatsoever and nothing is installed ‘in the wall’ or ‘in the floor’ which mean a worry free solution. The products are also leak-proof, making it the ideal alternative for people are have been dealing with a leaking shower. It comes in either 8.5 kW or 9.5 kW capacity, depending on the level of hot water flow the customer wants. They are self-contained, freestanding cabin showers that are easy to install and are available in different sizes.

The hand shower is chrome finished which is mounted on a riser rail, making it fully adjustable. There is also a 5mm safety glass that gives the cabin a beauty and luxurious appearance and allows for easy entry and exit. Reinforced acrylic seal makes the cabin durable and strong, while the adjustable leveling feet enable it to be installed on uneven floors.

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AEB solutions offer high-quality products that add luxury and comfort to life. Their range of products includes showers, saunas, hot tubs, and baths, specially designed to meet the needs of modern day people.

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