Libraries Merge to Create a Modernized Learning Space

The high school and elementary school libraries will merge into one in the Warner Unified School District. By combining two outdated libraries, students will benefit from an incredibly transformed experience. New furniture will students to enjoy a good book and explore new genres in a comfortable atmosphere. To further foster collaboration, tables will be set up for idea-sharing and double function as whiteboards.

The flexibility of the new library’s design and furniture meets the needs all types of learners, even introducing them to new types of technology. With the help of the school library and media specialist, or the district’s new education technology specialist, students will have access to additional digital content and curriculum. These gatekeepers of the library will provide instructional design strategies to be helpful guides to other teachers in the school.

The addition of a makerspace will have a significant impact on members of the community, allowing them to collaborate and share ideas unlike ever before. Open to kids, adults, entrepreneurs, these spaces encourage a “maker” mindset to create something out of nothing. Advanced tools such as laser cutters, soldering irons, sewing machines, and 3D printers can be helpful additions; however, simple tools such as Legos and art supplies are more than enough to allow students to explore their interests.

In the 21st century, skills in STEM fields, which include science, technology, engineering, and math are more necessary for a student’s education than ever before. With this in mind, Warner Unified’s newest library provides more opportunities for improvement in hands-on learning, critical thinking skills, and a boosting of self-confidence.

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About Warner Unified School District:

Since 1938, Warner Unified School District has been serving students from preschool to twelfth grade in the rural Northeast San Diego County. Covering over 432 square miles, Warner Unified is proud of its small class sizes, excellent student achievement, and award-winning FFA program. By consistently innovating with technology and teaching methods, Warner Unified offers advanced curriculum for students throughout the school year.

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