Viva Home Comfort Offering A Variety Of Heating & Cooling Repair Options

We share with our customers about the savings they make during installation and repair of water heaters. The homeowner would like the best quality that meets their specific needs. Here at Viva Home Comfort, we ask all the relevant questions to offer the best options for what the family needs. We diagnose the problem and offer the best possible solution at reasonable prices.

Sometimes when a water heater is not working properly, one may be tempted to replace it entirely which in many cases may not be the solution or entirely necessary. There are different models, and types of water heaters and their problems are just as unique. And for that reason, we have the right equipment which is unique to these issues, and we can, therefore, service the water heater, and the homeowner will not need to replace it. We are fully aware that it can damage the machine if repairs are attempted with tools that are not compatible therefore saving time and money.

Here at Viva Home Comfort, we offer free evaluations with absolutely no obligation to buy, we firmly believe in educating the customer first and giving them the free will to be able to make that purchase based on the information we share. As much as possible, we try and cater to all your heating needs, and nothing is too small for us to solve be it just a heating element of a full installation of a smart home. We would like to ensure our customers are satisfied with our services.

Should there be a need to replace the water heater, there are rebates and incentive packages to make sure that customers strike the best deal. We also like to extend our services when it comes to the smart home. The smart home incentives which help our customers shave down their monthly bills. A smart home allows you to control the timers on all the connected home appliances and therefore as a homeowner, the usage of these appliances is merely controlled and thus making a significant saving on all energy bills.

About Viva Home comfort

Viva Home Comfort is a homegrown Canadian operated home service company. With a combined experience spanning over 50 years, we have helped serve thousands of our customers to the best of our ability. By offering a variety of Heating & Cooling options, we ensure that homes are equipped with the best quality; high-efficiency products that make the home comfortable during the hottest and coldest days of the season. Our highly qualified technicians are available and are prepared because we believe in putting our customers first.  

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