Coin4favors, Platform Designed To Transform Non-Standardized Service, To Launch ICO In March 2018

Token holders to participate and access favors and mini jobs around the world using the ecosystem’s FavorCoins

Hong Kong – Amazon transformed merchandise, Uber transformed transportation, while Airbnb transformed accommodation. The Sharing Economy around these two services reached $20 Billlion in 2017. But what about non-standardized services – those little favors that make life more meaningful and easier for all. C4F.LTD is proud to announce the coming launch of their ICO and the Coins4Favors platform and app. Through the platform, users can ask for small favors from anyone around the world and get it done in exchange for FavorCoins – the platforms legal tender. Coins4Favors offers unlimited possibilities for users, including getting someone to take a picture for them somewhere remote or help them wait in a queue, etc. Coins4Favors is based on the blockchain technology making it highly secured, and users can communicate, offer ratings, and build connection and trust. The Pre-Sale starts March 1st, 2018, while the public ICO begins April 1st, 2018.

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“Small favors can mean a lot for people, but it is hard to find someone especially in a remote place, talk less of someone you can trust. We present to you a revolutionary system, Coins4Favors, poised to transform non-standardized services and mini jobs forever. Do you need someone to help you reserve a parking space in the city? Did you mistakenly leave something somewhere and you want someone to get it for you? Our platform makes life easier for everyone, using blockchain technology and an escrow system that guarantees fairness, trust, and equity. Join us today and let’s change the world together,” said Dr. Jens Schmidt, CEO of C4F Ltd.

How Coin4favor Works

After joining the platform anyone can ask for favors to be done for them, and anyone within the local community where the favor is needed can apply to do the mini job. The buyer designates a specific amount of FavorCoins to the task request, which will be transferred to the account of the person who completes the task, once the job has been confirmed. Some of the favors that can be done on the platform include:

  • Getting parking space in the city
  • Helping someone to deliver an item
  • Look up someone or something in a remote place
  • Deliver a message to someone
  • Take a picture in a remote location
  • Queue on someone’s behalf, etc.

The list is endless, and the possibilities are unlimited.

The platform uses FavorCoins as standard payment, which is based on the blockchain technology and Smart Contracts escrow system that is efficient, trustworthy, and cannot be tampered with by anyone. There is also a rating system where the buyer and the seller of the favor can both rate themselves, ensuring that the best users get to the top of the system.

Other features of Coin4favors

  • Smartphone-based for easy use everywhere in the world
  • Global favors are just one click away
  • Pay small amounts for mini jobs, in real time and across the world
  • Quick and fair conflict resolution between partners
  • Earn from doing mini jobs for people
  • Safe and secure environment with ERC20 compliant FavorCoins

About C4F.LTD

C4F.LTD is a technology company run by a team of highly intelligent individuals who are committed to creating change in the world. The company introduces Coins4Favors as a concept that solves problems through combination of blockchain and geo-location.

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Media Contact
Company Name: C4F. Ltd (Coins4Favors)
Contact Person: Dr. Jens Schmidt, CEO
Address:20th floor, Central Tower, 28 Queen’s Road Central, C
Country: HongKong