Family Friendly Chiropractic Care in South Hill, WA Offers Effective, Natural Healing

Puyallup, WA Chiropractic care is usually sought by patients with back and neck problems. It’s a holistic therapy that uses manual spinal manipulation, focusing on keeping the musculoskeletal and nervous systems healthy to ensure overall wellness. It corrects alignment, mobility, systemic issues, and more. Finding the right chiropractor in South Hill, WA can make a big difference. Gregory Chiropractic provides family-friendly chiropractic care services customized for everyone. Committed to improving the patient’s health through chiropractic care and nutrition, they have a staff of highly-trained individuals that care and a website that provides relevant information.

With more than 20 years of experience in helping patients achieve wellness, resident chiropractor Dr. Robert Gregory, along with the team of experienced staff, takes time to understand the patient’s health issues and takes the right steps to perform the healing process. As the company website suggests, “the path to recovery is right in front of you, lets us help you take the first step.”

Gregory Chiropractic provides chiropractic services to fight inflammation and tissue damage, restore natural mobility, and correct spinal related issues. They also offer effective and natural healing for pains resulting from a chronic car accident by improving the movement and mobility, reducing scar tissue, and relieving pain without the use of any medication. Pain related work injuries are also treated, providing relief from strain, muscle, joint, spinal, and repetitive motion injuries. They also offer massage therapy for relaxation and stress relief.

At Gregory Chiropractic, the initial visit begins with a thorough assessment. They take into account the medical history by understanding the underlying causes of the health condition to determine past traumas or pre-existing conditions that may be related to the pain. X-rays may be done depending on the location of the pain. To customize the treatments, which involve chiropractic care, massage, exercises, and dietary changes suitable for every patient’s needs, interviews are conducted to determine the underlying source of the pain. Referrals to specialists for additional supplemental treatments or cortisone shots are considered when necessary to facilitate more effective treatment and healing.

Frequent pain in the neck, back, joints, or even headaches should not be ignored, especially if there is intense soreness after an accident, prolonged poor posture, or daily chores. Don’t put health on hold. Gregory Chiropractic can be reached by phone numbers (253) 864-6519 or via email at Their office is located at 11216 Sunrise Blvd. E Suite 3-203 Puyallup WA 98374.

Check out their website at for more information about their chiropractic services.

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Company Name: Gregory Chiropractic
Contact Person: Bob Gregory
Phone: (253) 864-6519
Address:11216 Sunrise Blvd E Suite 3-203
City: Puyallup
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