Drug Rehab and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centre

Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab offers clients substance abuse treatment at their facility in Toronto. Thousand Islands is located three miles outside of Ontario and treats its clients with holistic therapy and recovery. Patients can expect Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab to focus on their whole person including body, mind, and spirit. They treats active addiction and helps patients deal with life after rehab. They also provides aftercare so patients can continue successful remission.

Addiction causes injury to the addict, his or her family, and friends. Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab aids with healing relationships that suffer damage because of the patient’s addiction. The treatment for its patients is two-fold. The individual addicted to drugs is treated as are his or her loved ones who live with the after-effects of their loved one’s substance abuse.

Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab serves families by performing patient interventions. They help plan, confront, and persuade the addicted individual to accept treatment.  Loved ones can be unprepared to handle an intervention. They offer experienced and sensitive interventionists to help the process go smoothly.

They treats cocaine, prescription drug, methamphetamine, alcohol, opioid, inhalant, amphetamine, and heroin addiction.

The first step of treatment is detoxification. The Thousand Islands detoxification center is located off-site from the main center. They transports patients between the main center and detoxification center. Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab tries to keep withdraw symptoms to a minimum. Withdraw symptoms can be severe and deadly. They proves medical detoxification for its patient’s safety and comfort. 

Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab believes that therapy isn’t the only ingredient to recovery from addiction. A sizeable big part of recovery is enjoying life without addictive substances. The facility has beautiful scenery and soothing sleeping rooms. As patients work to break through addiction, they can enjoy relaxing activities like boating, golfing, docking, and diving. These activities give patients a chance to clear their thoughts and put the events that led to their treatment in order.

Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab provides aftercare and follow-up. Remission is ongoing and lifelong. Life outside rehab can trigger relapse and test a patient’s ability to abstain. They regularly check in with patients after they have completed rehab. 

For most people, addiction is almost impossible to overcome without help.  Every time the cycle of addiction remains unbroken, addiction continues to escalate. Thousand Islands Addiction Rehab is there when an addicted individual decides it is time to seek help

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