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Companies all over the world are switching to Voice over internet protocol for local and global communication. Voip is a way to make free or very cheap phone calls. A call can be from the top floor to the basement of a house, or from the top honcho in Toronto to a provider in China. Price of a phone call is no longer a factor in getting that business deal from overseas.  With VOIP one can make one-on-one, conference calls or video calls. With connections to large screens, products can be shared, contracts can be discussed, and deals can be sealed. That’s why DCS Telecom is the place to go if you want to remain at the head of the game. DCS telecom is proud to specialize in the Samsung product line. A name that remains at the forefront of technology, quality, and reliability.

DCS Telecom Ltd offers solutions in retail, education, government, finance and much more. Before DCS Telecom proposes its solutions, it thoroughly studies the needs and options of a particular company.

DCS telecom doesn’t just make a sale, but after careful installation, they will also support and maintain a network with all its needs using reliable and knowledgeable service. Visit the DCS Telecom Ltd Website to learn more about the breadth of their professional services and options.

Voip technology can be used on phones or computers with the aid of a headphone or speakers. Phone systems, voicemail systems, paging systems, and all of the data network needs are provided by DCS telecom sales.

While the technology is tempting, having a professional company install and maintain this technology is essential so that there are no delays or static in a call. Problems that can leave a company looking amateur or worse- a canceled meeting.

For an appointment Contact us or call 416-674-1766.  Depending on a company’s size and business model DCS telecom ltd. will service its exact needs.

About DCS telecom:

DCS telecom has been working with Samsung for over 18 years. While communication products have changed their relationship has only become stronger.

DCS Telecom provides small, mid-size, and large Enterprise business organizations with voice and data communications, VoIP, VoIP CTI, Firewall, WLAN, WAN, LAN, Networking. They will install, maintain, and support their products. DCS trains company staff in proper use of all products. DCS telecom is an up-to-date company that will make sure its clients remain at the edge of turnkey technology.

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