UAE’s First Ever Animated Feature Movie “Catsaway” Is Being Produced by Tent Pictures Productions

Film and animation has seen a massive influx of talent in recent years, as many multitude of countries and industries all have begun to partake in it. With various production companies working together to create such films, the world has managed to see some of the most exceptional and stunning movies that one has ever seen.

UAE is one country that was previously behind many countries when it came to the production and creation of filmshowever, it seems that now even UAE is creating its first ever animated feature film. Called “Catsaway” this movie is about a group of street cats trying to find a home as the city rapidly evolves around them. It is a Tent Pictures productions, a UAE production house based in Twofour54 Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with Juice Studios in Poland.

The film aims to rival the likes of many international production houses and hopes that this will be a strong step forward for film production in Abu Dhabi. They wish to not only astound audiences at home, but also abroad and show the world that UAE is ready to unleash their creativity and talent in animation form.

It will feature handdrawn animation – which is something that will be quite appealing to people who prefer traditional animation methods. This type of animation will also allow adults to relive their childhood years and regain that sense of nostalgia. Nowadays with the increase in 3D-animated cartoons and movies, the hand-drawn genre has become nothing short of an antique.

Being a family animated film, this movie is recommended for anyone that wishes to see a story revolving around a bunch of cute cats wandering around in a giant metropolis.

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About Catsaway:

Catsaway is an up and coming animated film that is to be created by a production house called “Tent Picture Productions”. They are based in UAE and will be in cooperation with Juice Studios in Poland for the creation of this film.

The movie is about a bunch of cats who trying to find their home in a city which continues to evolve around them. Featuring traditional hand-drawn animation, this movie is going to be the perfect nostalgia-trip for adults, as well as being entertaining and lesson-filled for youngsters. It is being described as a foundation step forward for UAE’s animation industry.

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