HHC Centre – Changing Lives Using A Holistic Approach For Treatments Of Everyday Illnesses

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The HHC Centre is the premier place in Ontario to experience mind, body, and soul treatment. A patient may go into a clinic or hospital with symptoms of fever, sore throat, and runny nose. Doctors find the culprit and hand them a prescription. These medications are helpful, and the patient is better for a while.  Then the symptoms return. This patient has another option for treatment. The HHC Centre is that choice.

The HHC Centre use a variety of holistic treatments to treat the whole body, not just symptoms.  Their services include family and couples counseling, meditation, and mindfulness classes.  Along with the treatments above the HHC Centre offers yoga, acupuncture, reiki, reflexology, and many others. A proactive approach is used to treat the whole body.  Treating patients with a holistic approach is not a quick fix.  This is a time to focus on oneself and learn to be healthy lifelong.  Fortunately, there is an increase in conventional medicine with the holistic approach.

One of the most effective treatments at HHC Centre is psychotherapy. Psychotherapy treatment involves internal family therapy, Gestalt techniques, and the focusing techniques. The patient would work with a licensed psychotherapist whose goal is to use non – invasive techniques to help them cope with life stresses and help them figure out their place in society. This treatment can be a life-changing experience.

An upcoming event for the HHC Centre would be great to learn about their services but more importantly celebrate the grand opening of the Psychotherapy wing.  The event will be on May 7, 2018, and best of all it’s free. This event will include workshops and seminars as well as a time to ask questions and meet the therapists. Healthy snacks and fun activities included for all to enjoy. So, mark your calendars for this opportunity to have some fun and learn a new way to treat life symptoms.


HHC Centre is a place full of dedicated therapists, counselors, and practitioners who believe in treating the whole body. The HHC Centre believes that treatment and healing are an ongoing process.  This is a place where the patient can feel safe and know they are getting the best treatment, a treatment which includes many services and therapy options. With a variety of services anyone who is looking to improve quality of life and wellbeing, HHC Centre is the place to go.

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